My Lunch: Return for Taiwanese Beef Noodles in a Vietnamese Restaurant

Yeah it was a dumb mistake on my part yesterday. Ordered the wrong dish at the Green Bamboo Viet Noodles. I know this sounds kind of odd. I did not want to order Vietnamese noodles in a Vietnamese restaurant. I wanted to order TAIWANESE noodles in a VIETNAMESE restaurant. Don’t ask me why. Ask LotusRapper. It was all his fault.


It is another bright blue skies day today. Since I got to office extra early, I think I go have brunch instead. No more meetings for the rest of the day and just need to deal with paperwork mostly. The Green Bamboo opens early at 11AM anyway.


It rained two days ago. So the north shore mountains have new snow. Will not last but I enjoy looking at it.


First customer. Right on the dot at 11AM. Small place right? It can fit 25 people. 30 at a squeeze.

I don’t even need to … look at the menu today. The waitress seems to remember me from yesterday. I said I wanted Taiwanese Beef Noodle. This time she pointed to the right picture on the wall.

“Number 27 right?”

“Yup.” I said and added “also the chicken wings”. I saw the lady customers next to me having that yesterday.


Oh yeah. Looks really good. Steaming soup. The soup is clear. Not “busy” with stuff. Meat looks nice and chunky too. Looks promising.


First act: the soup. It is clear. Flavorful. Not strong though. But nice. Nottingham as strong as Lao Shan Dong for sure.


The noodles chewy. Thinner type. I give this a B+.


The beef. Lots. Nicely done. Lean. But soft. Love it.

I focused on the soup and meat. The noodles are too filling. I still have the wings to tackle.


Caught a small whiff of the wings. Took a closer smell. Nice. No batter. Lightly seasoned. With pepper. Crispy outside. Meat cooked just right.

Have to eat with hands. Greasy though. The pepper bits was what I appreciate with this.

LotusRapper is right. The TBN is good stuff. At least to me. I know there are many variations out there. Some like it differently. This one does it for me. Try it for yourself.


I don’t normally spend so much for lunch. This time it’s because of the wings. Wings was $4.99. The TBN was $6.99.

Here it is … the “LotusRapper Effect” for ya. Last I checked is still available. But I am gonna keep my mouth shut.

That’s it. Mission accomplished. Fixed yesterday’s boo boo. I can sleep better tonight.

Need to run back to the office pronto. Got a piece of beef stuck between my teeth. Driving me nuts. Dental floss is in my bag. Sorry … gotta run.

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  1. Eat. Travel. Eat!

    That sure looks like a great bowl of TBN…it is certainly funny how you wanted TBN in a Vietnamese restaurant! Both noodle soups look good either way…those noodles in the TBN look very tasty!

  2. LotusRapper

    My fault ? Hey you been talking to Mrs. LR ?

    Actually I started reading this with a bit of nervousness, not knowing if you’d like the TBN. To my relief, you do like it 😀 Weren’t those huge chunks of stewed beef just great or what. And the broth, simple enough to not distract, but also not too thin or delicate, it can definitely hold its own. IMHO I really like the heaps of cilantro and green onion on top.

    Hey Ben, how would your rate and compare GB’s TBN against Accord Food House’s TBN ?

    I just couldn’t come to like the “medicinal” nature of Accord’s soup. And their service (or lack thereof) didn’t appeal to me. To each his own.

    1. Ben

      Hi LotusRapper: Yeah, like you said to each their own. Personally I would go to Accord, not that Green Bamboo (or even Lao Shan Dong) is not good. You probably remember me talking about “busy” and “clear” TBNs and me having personal preference for “clear” types. Oh yeah, I like the stewed beef in Green Bamboo’s TBN. They are cut across the grain and into slices. I like it better that way than compared to a cubic cut. It is softer and less chewy. Hehehe … to make it better they should throw in some sour mustard and have a spicy option. Ben

  3. LotusRapper

    “Need to run back to the office pronto. Got a piece of beef stuck between my teeth.”

    I just caught your last line, hahahaha. Shouldn’t that be saved for your afternoon snack ? :-O

  4. LotusRapper

    I’ll get my LotusRapper blog site up for 2012. I just hired a new weblog designer.

    Her name is Avril Foo.

    1. Crispy Lechon

      Don’t tell me the inaugural date is April 1, 2012. LOL

  5. Karl

    Glad you got the right bowl this time, Ben! It’s pretty good, no? You’ve got to try the Bo Kho (Vietnamese Beef Stew)…very flavorful, loads of tender brisket. The Bun Bo Hue is also exceptional…slightly spicy, lots of lemongrass. I could go on and on! Great spring rolls, too!

    1. Ben

      Hi Karl: Oh yeah, the TBN was not bad. You know what I failed to mention is the post is that I wonder how they manage to offer so many types of soup noodles. I mean, they probably 5-6 types of different soups in that small restaurant/kitchen. Lots of discover! Ben

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