Names of Ten Things We Order In Chinese Restaurant

Alright, I am a bit lazy today. So am gonna take it easy and post something simple.

Suanne and I received a number of emails today, some from readers who we had never known before. There were many encouraging words which is very much appreciated. We want to let everyone know Suanne and I are fine. 🙂

Anyway, here is one email from a reader (TL) that ended with a question for Suanne and I. That got us stumped a bit. Maybe you guys can help. TL asked:

One thing I would like you to do is to teach us about ten names of few things we order in Chinese restaurants. Very basic things will do. Bao? comes to my mind. We catch a few words here and there but it will be wonderful if faithful Chowtimes readers can be just a little bit literate in Chinese words when eating. Being a Japanese, I can read many Chinese characters so I will never end up ordering only soups or only noodle dishes but I long to be able to say a few words in Chinese restaurants and so do many people, I bet.

Gosh, we don’t know! But here was how we answered TL:

English Cantonese Mandarin
Buns Bao 包子 Bāozi
Noodles Meen 麵 Mian
Tea Chah 茶 Char
Chicken Gai 雞 Ji
Beef Ngau Yook 牛肉 Niu Rou
Pork Ju Yook 豬肉 Zhu Rou
Rice Fahn 飯 fan
Congee Jook 粥 Zhou
Crab Hai 蟹 Xie
Eggs Dahn 雞蛋 Ji Dan

What do you think? Any words to add?

Why The Anger?

Hi All:

I gotta go to work but I thought I call out this which had been written about the State of Vancouver Food Blog 2011 by Kim Ho of I’M Only Here For The Food. Replicated here verbatim and if you prefer, go to his site at

I have nothing to hide and am open for everyone to see. Comments really welcomed. Please don’t feel that you need to hold punches with chowtimes. Lay it on me if you must. Do it here or do it in Kim’s site, I leave it up to you.

I don’t know what I did that made Kim angry with me and want to take it out on chowtimes particularly. Should I lay out what I have in my mind which I did not with that last piece Kim Ho did on me? Or should I just roll with the punches, learn from it and move on? One part of me thinks I cannot get down to that level. Let me think about it … with a clear head. My head is wrapped around work at this time.

For those of you who are (still) unhappy with me for even suggesting the Golden Great Wall Alaskan King Crab FREE dinner, please accept my apologies. It was an error judgment on my part. My (ill thought out) intention was to see if I could make such an event happen given the reach of chowtimes. It won’t happen again. Really I do not need to do this at all.

Again, please do not hold your punches, not with me. If you think chowtimes has done anything wrong, I would like to hear about it. Here you are guys, Kim Ho’s parting shots to all Vancouver area blogs.

It has been a while since I have written a post of this type and I wonder if it is due. In the last couple of months, there has been quite a buzz in terms of popularity of Vancouver blogs, specially if we consider that major sites like Urbanspoon has targetted Vancouver itself as one of the places with the greates activity. But, what does that mean? Better restaurants? More food bloggers? Everybody has anything to say? So, in reference to Canadian’s government thoughts of removing the pennies, here are my $0.05′s worth… But, first an announcement as well… Continue reading