Kam Do Bakery Opening

Some of you had been asking about Kam Do Bakery and when they are opening. I thought I give everyone a little update.


We drove past the place today while on the way back from dining out. We saw that the paper that was covering the windows had finally been taken down.

The interior looked fancy with chandeliers and all. So the question is: when is Kam Do opening?

Well … 


… they are not opened as yet but from the looks of it, it will be any day now. The insides seems like they are putting in the finishing touches with some people working on the lightings.

The place looked really fancy — quite unlike any Chinese bakery shops around. Apart from the chandeliers, there are lighted panels. This is strictly a take out bakery as there are no space for tables and chairs. I was hoping at least they have small tables for some pastries with some milk tea, like a Chinese version of Starbucks or something.


They have some specials lined up. You can click on the picture above to enlarge and see what the specials are.

That’s all I know. I won’t be surprised they will be opened on May 1st or this weekend but then this just my pure speculation.

Updated: 28th Apr 2011; Kam Do Bakery is opened today.


During the grand opening, all bread is 20% discount. After 6:30 pm, buy 2 buns get 1 free.


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7 days a week

6:00 AM to 8:30 PM

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  1. pinoy gourmet

    Ben,The waiting is turning into agony with your teasers.

  2. li lian

    they opened today!! I was at the canada line heading off to work at 8:00 am and they were open with the sign lighted up and everything

    1. Ben

      Hi Li Lian: Did you buy anything at Kam Do? Thanks for letting us know they are opened. FINALLY! Ben

  3. Cecilia

    I bought five buns and one scone there today. They look good, but the scone and the red bean with pineapple topping bun were underbaked.

  4. Mimi

    I finally tried their winter melon pastry, translation in Chinese -lau po bin? It is so dry, I couldn’t believe that is what Kam Do is famous for? What a hype!!!

    I anticipated so long for some very dry pastry. Are you kidding me? Granted, it is thiick with lots filling. But it is so dry, you must have a drink next to you.

    I don’t think bakery at Yaoham sells less desirable pastries than this. Won’t be back.

    1. Ben

      Hi Mimi: Did you buy the winter melon pastry from this new bakery or was it from the restaurant on Alexandra? Just curious. Other than Yaohan (which is basically T&T), do you have a recommendation on where to get good winter melon pastry? Ben

    2. bdachow

      That’s so strange and doesn’t sound at all like the ones I usually get and I love these. Whey they first opened, the baker was from the famous HK bakery Hang Heung I believe. The pastry should be flaky and shatter, not too thick with a nice filling, served slightly warm usually (I go first thing in the morning). But it shouldn’t be dry like cardboard. Opening day blues perhaps? Sorry that you’re so disappointed but Kam Do really was the best of the lot in Vancouver I thought, reminds me of going to Yuen Long Territory as a child and getting them from Hang Heung.

      1. Ben

        Hi bdachow: You sound like you know a lot about HK bakeries. Care to do a brain dump about Hang Heung and places like that. I would love to read about them and if there are pictures/blogs too it would be great. HK bakeries is very much part and parcel of the Cantonese cuisine like the cha chaan tangs. Ben

  5. Mimi

    I bought from the new bakery grand opening yesterday.

    It is so dry that I actually prefer the one I got from Yaohan and I don’t even believe Yaohan (bakery at Osaka Supermarket) has the best winter melon pastry.

    Haven’t found the best winter melon pastry in this town yet.

    1. Ben

      Hi Mimi:

      Suanne and I decided to go for a walk around the Richmond Center area (hehehe “urban walk” is what we call it) and pop into Kam Do Bakery to get one piece of lo poh bang to try. Yeah, just one piece because we already had dinner before we came out.

      The shelves was 95% empty at that time we were there past 7PM. Business must have been great. The Lo Poh Bang they got us was from the rack by the ovens. I was excited because I was hoping that it would be fresh out of the oven. But it was cold. I guess it is already at the end of the day and they were no longer baking anymore.

      The Lo Poh Bang was $1.25, I think. Anyway, Suanne paid. It did look good with the glistening bulge on top. Took a bite and immediately thought that hmmm … I think I know what Mimi was saying about it being dry. It was dry but I thought that it was not in a bad way. I was thinking that if I am thirsty and I bite into this it does suck up some moisture in your mouth. That sort of thing. The winter melon filling was a bit on a scant side. Actually no, I meant to say that it would be awesome if the filling is a bit more, not that it was too little. I pointed out to Suanne that I thought the oily slipperiness on the top of the Lo Poh Bang was a nice contrast to the “dryness” of the flaky pastry but Suanne said “I don’t know what you are talking about”. Rather than going back and buying another piece to show her what I mean, I let it slide.

      Personally, Suanne and I did enjoy it and thought it was not bad.

      I think it might be very true that Kam Do is having opening day problems. The reason why I say this is because of this. Firstly Cecilia commented that two pcs of the items she bought were under baked. Then Suanne was there earlier today when she was out and about on her errands and she told me that she saw items on the shelves that were “loong’ed” (overbaked, burnt) already. It would be interesting to see how things pan out for Kam Do after all the excitement and expectation.

      Ben “Two Cents” Chow

      1. eatingclubvancouver_js

        They probably haven’t ironed out the kinks yet — am guessing that the ovens might be baking a little different and so the timing is off. You know how temperamental ovens are sometimes, with their different temperatures at different spots and all.

        1. Ben

          Hi JS: Kam Do is no new hands in the Chinese bakery business. I am quite confident that with the know how they have and the expertise behind them, they will iron out whatever kinks they have (including having a 95% empty store after 7PM!). Ben

  6. Lily

    Hi Ben,

    Maybe this bakery is trying to cater to local taste and be healthy. Traditionally the pastry should be made with lard (pork fat) and is incredibly flaky and rich. I’ve had it fresh out of the oven from the original in Yuen Long in Hong Kong. Tasty but I’m not a connoisseur of Chinese pastries. A non-saturated fat or a vegetable-based fat is probably used for the pastry which would not produce the same product.

    1. WS

      Very harsh to make final judgement of this Kam Do Bakery on opening day.

      1. Ben

        Hi WS: I don’t think you meant to respond with your comment to Lily, did you? Just wanted to make sure coz don’t want to spark a WWIII here. LOL! Ben

        1. WS

          Yes, but it’s OK. This is just friendly talk. I’m always very very hesistant(I can’t emphasize enough), posting on a food blog in another town. Wasn’t trying to cause trouble.

  7. Jayda

    I agree…. it irritates me so much when people make such a harsh judgement of a restaurant on it’s first couple days of opening…. or by one product alone. Just as when one starts a new job, you wouldn’t want to have a performance appraisal based on your first few days. They will need a few weeks usually to test the market to adjust to local demand. To try one item on opening day and then deciding never to go there again seems unjustifiably critical.

  8. Shirl

    Agreed, judgment should be reserved as opening days never go smooth. However, if the pastries were less than par they should not have put them out or had them as day old pricing.

  9. Eric

    Now that they are a full “bakery”…wonder if they will start doing some birthday cakes to complete with other Chinese nearby bakeries?

    1. Suanne

      Hi Eric, they do have cakes and cheesecake slices now.

      1. Ben

        To add to Suanne’s answer. There is a refrigerated section that held some cakes. It does look good but nothing unlike what you see in other bakeries to tell the truth. We find them kind of pricey though. It is like $30 for a mid sized one. Ben

  10. Ant

    Went to Kam Do today at around 7:15pm. They didn’t have the Buy 2 Get 1 Free after 6:30pm anymore. They still have the 20% discount and also have buy 6 or more tax free promotion. I do agree with some posters above that it’s a bit dry. Maybe going close to the closing time compromised the quality. I shall go earlier next time to see if the quality changes.

  11. Wing Wah Lo Paul Ben Lover

    Anyone one wants to bring me some Lo Paul Ben to L.A.? I love both Wing Wah and Hung Heung more but Kam Do is OK. The LPB suck big time in L.A. If you bring me a dozen LPB, I will pay you double your costs! Thanks.

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