Danny’s Wun Tun Restaurant at Ironwood Plaza, Richmond

Ben was too involved in his work that he has no time to write of his experience in Beijing. He will be back next week with more travel and good eats. So, at the meantime, I will fill in for a few days.

I went to Danny’s Wun Tun Restaurant with Arkensen while Ben was in Beijing. Nanzaro did not want to come along as he was dead tired coming back from a 3 days 2 nights camp. I want to get the boys out even though Ben is not here. It’s quality time that we spend together during such meals.


I picked Danny’s Wun Tun Restaurant because it’s the nearest Chinese restaurant to our home. Without Ben, I will not be able to convince the boys to go further. It’s strange that we have not blog about this place. It’s so near and they had won the Best Chinese Restaurant award for the local news paper many times. We had eaten here a few times before, just did not blog about it because we did not have our camera with us during those impromptu visits.

I remembered someone commented that Danny’s Wun Tun Restaurant is one of the pioneer Chinese restaurant in Richmond. It used to be located at the Szechuan Delicious Restaurant location across Richmond center. This location has great history with previous tenants like Chen’s ShanghaiShanghai WonderfulShanghai RiverDa Hong Yun and Shanghai JJ.

Someone also commented that Danny’s Wun Tun Restaurant is a popular restaurant among the police officers. In fact, we had seen two police officers dining at the Danny’s Wun Tun Restaurant while we were there once.


Arkensen commented that the restaurant is bigger than he expected. From the outside, it does not look as big. It seats at least 50 with some round tables that can accommodate bigger group. This is a Chinese BBQ restaurant. The BBQ station is located at the entrance. At the back of the restaurant, there is a noodle station with see through glass partition.

While we were there, we noticed that there are more Caucasian and other Asian customers than Chinese customers. There are also a lot of delivery orders and take out.


I wanted to order a BBQ duck noodle in soup but they ran out of BBQ duck. So, I ordered a wonton noodle in soup instead since this is a Wun Tun restaurant. It is only …$5.25.


When they served the wonton noodle to me, they also brought along a bottle of vinegar. Strange, I only came across vinegar being served with dumpling but not wonton. Anyway, I’m not a fan of vinegar and I did not use it. I guess the vinegar is to cut the greasiness of the wonton.


The wonton noodle is a bit too soft for me. I love my noodle to be QQ, i.e. al-dante. The soup is mild. I prefer a stronger soup base. The wonton is just ok.


Arkensen wanted to order crispy roast pork on rice but they also ran out of that. So, he switched to BBQ Pork on Rice. He ordered a large plate which costs $8.75. Surprisingly, the BBQ pork is pretty good. It is tender with a little charred edges. I will order their BBQ pork if I return.


The bill came to $14 before tips. Danny’s accepts credit cards.


Danny’s Wun Tun has an extensive menu for Chinese dishes other than wonton noodle and BBQ. You can click on the menu above to view them larger.

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  1. Ben

    Wow, you managed to get Arkensen to go with you without Nanzaro. Sometimes he is so nice when he expects test results to be disappointing. 🙂

    1. Yan

      Ben, I never knew a Chinese guy as funny as you!!

  2. Elaine

    They have good marinated duck wings! I always get it there. Try it next time!

    1. Ben

      Hi Elaine: I see a lot of marinated duck wings in Beijing. Maybe I’ll go buy them and try. Hey, maybe you know this. I see a lot of people queuing up in Quan Ju De lining up in the counter outside to buy the ducks to go. They are in sealed plastic wrapper. How do you eat them? Are they ready to eat without further cooking. Do you happen to know? If so, I would like to buy one and try it. Ben

  3. Jayda

    Hi Suanne! It’s actually nice to have another perspective so thank you for writing up a review. It’s so great that both of you write this blog …. it gives a male and female viewpoint of eating establishments which sometimes differ quite a bit.

  4. Elo

    Actually the vinegar is for that type of noodles, because sometimes…they taste like bleach. Very common practice in cantonese food.

  5. Their barbecue pork is very good — think that is probably the best item on the menu. We go for quick lunches here because it is close to work.

  6. jeffy

    I’ve been going to this restaurant for over 20yrs! Danny’s have been in business for at least 25yrs. Their old location was across Richmond Centre (Times Square) and when Ironwood opened up, they moved to Ironwood.

    Nowadays, I think the owner Danny is semi-retired and his son/daughter takes care of the restaurant. Once in a while, I still see Danny and his wife helping out. They have a lot of non-chinese customers that followed them to Ironwood from their old location. they are the only chinese restaurant that I know of where the servers can actually speak English properly and DO NOT frown/get mad when you order your food in English!! Just because they have a lot of non-chinese customers doesn’t mean the food suck, their food is actually very good.

    I remember at their old location, they have a lot of RCMP customers and I always feel safe eating in the restaurant coz of the RCMP customers! 🙂
    You can actually see some of the pictures hanging on the wall were given to Danny by his RCMP friends/customers.

    1. LotusRapper

      Good to see decent authentic Chinese food in that far-flung corner of Richmond ! Will definitely keep them in the deep recesses of my mind.

      So Danny was in Times Square, where Szechuan Delicious/Shanghai JJ/Da Hong Yun/Shanghai River/Shanghai Wonderful/Chen’s Shanghai all used to be ?


      Man, if I were a new restaurateur I might avoid that location, it seems jinxed.

      1. jeffy

        yes, danny’s used to be in that little strip mall.
        not sure if it’s in the same spot as the restaurants you mentioned though, but same strip mall.

  7. grayelf

    Hmm, this is right near my SO’s work. I wonder if he’s been. Will pass on the link. That BBQ pork does look good. Is it half half?

  8. Marcia


    I appreciated the comment about the strength of the soup and the doneness of the noodles.

    I feel exactly the same way!

  9. funggu

    In HongKong, all wonton noodle places have a bottle of vinegar on the table.

  10. Willie

    I’ve gone to Danny’s over many years. My favourite dish is the Curry Beef Brisket on Rice. Best I’ve had. 🙂

  11. Peter

    It is only …$5.25.

    I don’t know whether you and Ben realized that there are many people out there work less than $10 an hour, that includes me and a meal of $5 is the only affordable meal that we could buy. Anything that sells above $6 is out of our reach.

    For this blog to trumpet how cheap the food is (I know it is cheap, all I’m saying is don’t make it obvious), is sending the wrong signal to the restaurants. I bet in a matter of weeks, if not months, the price will go up or the portion will shrink.

    I like it when you put the price for the food, you can just say it costs $5.25, don’t need to emphasize with the word *only*.

    Please understand that some people are not that fortunate to afford a $6 bowl of noodle.

    Thank you for posting the food. For people like me who cannot afford to eat out, ‘eating’ the photos is a good substitute.

    Have a nice day.

    1. Ben

      Hi Peter: I think all restaurateurs knows fully well where their prices stands in comparison to others. I really don’t think that saying “only $5.25” will result in price increase just because of one remark. BTW, did you see my post about Iced Cafe/Jing Long Fang? That is a good place to check out for cheap and good eats. Ben

  12. jeffy

    i just saw Danny’s on Richmond Review or Richmond News, one of the two… being named as “Best of Richmond 2011 – Best Chinese”. They’re #1 on the list and #9 restaurant is 2nd or 3rd.

  13. Peter

    Hi Ben
    I was just worried that the restaurants may increase their price because the customers think their price is dirt cheap. Hopefully they will not. Yes, I saw that Jing Long Fang post. Wow, thank you for finding that place. The portions seems reasonable/big too. It is better than that $4.65 stewed beef noodle at Hon’s because the potion nowadays at Hon’s is really small. Again, thanks for finding the good food and cheap eats.

  14. neige.tyro

    if it is not trending, chinese ppl will stop going to your restaurant if prices raise a quarter!

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