Fukuroku Sushi Express at Real Canadian Superstore on No.3 Road, Richmond

This is another mother and sons dined out while Ben was in Beijing. I had to go to Real Canadian Superstore to do some groceries shopping. I wanted to get the boys out with me for lunch too in order to kill two birds with one stone. With the high gas price nowadays, I try to run as many errands in one go.


I had promised the boys to have sushi for lunch. Initially, we intended to go to Jun Sushi but the moment we came out from the house, it started to rain. So, we changed our plan to go to Fukuroku Express at the Real Canadian Superstore since it has underground parking. Anyway, it is still sushi.


At first I thought this is a very small place for fast Japanese food as the word express implies. Surprisingly, it is fairly big which seats about 25 to 30. This is a self service place, i.e. you order and pay at the counter and help yourself with the water at a corner of the counter too. They only serve cold and hot water.

When the food is ready, you’ll pick up your food from the counter.  There are lots of picture menu pasted all over the place which makes ordering easier. Even their take out menu is all loaded with pictures.



You can click on the menu above for larger view.

I decided to go for … the Today’s Special for $6.


The Today’s Special is comprises of Teriyaki Chicken, Deep Fried Tofu, Salmon Fry, Miso Soup and Green Salad. You can have the option without the Miso Soup for $1 less. All these are served on a big plate of steamed rice. Although it is a big serving, the food is just ok.


Nanzaro ordered the Sushi Combo D for $8.75. It comprises of 6 pieces of California Roll, 3 pieces of Salmon Sushi and 6 pieces of Kani Tempura Roll. As you can see, he asked for no wasabi this time. Nanzaro said the California Roll is dominated by the flavour of avocado and he cant taste the crab.


Nanzaro said the Kani Tempura Roll is good, just like any tempura roll except that there is too much cucumber in it. He hates cucumber.  He took out all the cucumbers before eating the roll.


As for the Salmon Sushi, Nanzaro said it tasted fresh.


As for Arkensen, he ordered two rolls. The above is the Salmon & Scallop Roll for $4. Arkensen said it is good and tasted fresh. Even though the boys do not like pickled ginger, they did not ask for no ginger as they know mommy will eat it as mommy likes the pickled ginger.


The second roll which Arkensen ordered is Teriyaki Beef Roll. This is $3.25. No comments from Arkensen for this roll.

The total bill came to $24.53. Fukuroku Sushi Express accepts debit and credit cards for bill above $5. This is a convenient place to have a quick bite if you are shopping at the Real Canadian Superstore. The prices are reasonable and the food is decent.

However, I think Fukuroku Sushi needs to take care of some small details. Since, this is a self service restaurant, there is also a station for dirty dishes and trays. Unfortunately, the station for dirty dishes and trays is not cleared out promptly and it’s quite an unpleasant site as dirty dishes start to pile up. Perhaps, they have separate trays with labels for cups and plates so that the customers can stacked them nicely rather than putting plates and cups all in one tray which makes it very disorganized.

We also noticed that the tables are not as clean with some sticky marks on them. The fabric on the chairs also has lots of stain marks.

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    1. Ben

      Hi strawberris: Thanks for this news. This is more complex than it seems to be and the newsflash is nothing short of sensationalism. Here check out this quite objective post of this event … http://goo.gl/R8oz5 … Anyway, sometimes I do cringe when I read how blog posts are written (including my own like the one I wrote about Kash Kool!). Words are powerful and one has to be really careful and more importantly be fair about what one writes. No, I am not saying that bloggers should be intimidated of of being sued. Oh, what is so sad is that the website that was sued had such low traffic too. The site is still there but all the contents had been taken down. See this http://ingrid001ster.pixnet.net/blog Ben

  1. Pinoy Gourmet

    That is why Vancouver has lots of bloggers imagine If these laws and that of other similiar countries applied here

    1. Ben

      Hi PinoyGourmet: Maybe it is already obvious to everyone but worth stating that this is not of the China state suing bloggers. This happened in Taiwan and this is solely a matter of an unhappy restaurant owner suing a blogger. Such a thing could happen anywhere in the world. Ben

  2. DB

    Ben, good thing you didn’t go to Jun Sushi. Last I went there about a year ago, the food was pretty bad – sushi rolls were warm and falling apart, ingredients weren’t fresh. The weirdest part of the experience was when my dining companion asked for a small takeout box to pack up the leftovers from his donburi: the waitress gave us a small, clear, plastic container, the kind that has a lid that folds over but requires a staple or rubber band to secure (the kind that supermarkets use to package ready-made sushi). Needless to say, we left the restaurant speechless and holding our flimsy plastic container of donburi.

  3. DB

    Sorry, I should clarify that my previous comment refers to the Jun Sushi in Richmond on No. 3 Road near Alderbridge Way.

    1. Ben

      Yeah, that is the one that Suanne wanted to go to. BTW, DB, have you ever been to Takeya Sushi on No 1 Road and Francis. We tried there almost 2 months ago (did not blog yet!) and we like it a lot. It is owned by the same Ichiro Sushi in Steveston. Ben

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