I Can’t Stand Red Jelly Bellies

I like Jelly Bellies.

I munch them while at work.


What I hate most is the red ones. Actually it is the Very Cherry flavoured ones that I can’t stand. The red ones could also be Red Apple and Cinnamon. So instead of accidentally eat the Very Cherry one, I pick them out.

I want to throw them away because no one else in the family wants it too. But then Suanne can’t stand to throw them away because she is just being who she is. So she keeps all the red ones in a Tupperware. If anyone wants red ones, you know who to get it from.


What is your favourite flavours?

I like the Caramel Corn, the Buttered Popcorn, the Grape Jelly and especially the … Coconut. I am not sure why they always have a lot more red ones than the white coconut ones.

Have you ever seen my blog post of our visit to the Jelly Belly factory in Fairfield, California? You can see the post here through this link.

OK, most of you know that there are 50 official flavours of jelly beans but did you know that you can combine some of the flavours to make some of your favourite food? Here is some of the combinations:

  • BREAKFAST: 2 Espresso + 1 Buttered Toast + 1 Orange Juice
  • HOT WINGS: 2 Roasted Garlic + 1 Tabasco + 1 Jalapeno
  • PB&J SANDWICH: 2 peanut + 2 Grape Jelly

If you want to find more menu, just google “Belly Jelly Recipes”.

Anyway, for those of you weight watchers, each of these are 4 calories. Four of these is equal to a cube of sugar.

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  1. Peter E

    I hate the brown ones. I mean BROWN? Ick! Some of them might be good, but as you said…one never knows until it’s too late.

    1. Peter E

      You can’t go wrong with the orange or yellow ones though :-)!

    2. LotusRapper

      LOL !!!

    3. Janice

      WHAT!!! The brown ones are the BEST!! Root beer, chocolate and cappuccino!! There’s no risk…they’re all delicious!!

  2. munchkie

    Buttered popcorn all the way! They’re easy to spot too… white and speckled with yellow. Yum! I’m always amazed that they actually taste like buttery popcorn…

  3. david klein

    Hi there…interesting blog….in 1976 I had 800.00 to my name….with this money I created the Jelly Belly Jelly Bean….I am no longer affiliated with this product and in fact we are coming out with our own line of jelly beans called David’s Signature beyond gourmet jelly beans. As to why you don’t like any of the red beans my educated guess is there is an aftertaste brought on by the color that is being used….Do you like any red candy such as red licorice???? By the way a documentary on my life is available.. It is called Candyman:the David Klein story… BE WELL

  4. L.S.

    I’m with you, Ben, I don’t like the cherry flavors too. Or the licorice ones, ewwww! But, Starbursts make these awesome jelly beans and among the red ones, there’s watermelon flavor! Now THAT’S good! To distinguish, it’s usually a lighter red than the cherry flavor!

  5. Lola

    holy cow! i always get rid of the coconut and popcorn ones, and the browns and black ones. i hate them with a passion. all others i will happily gobble up.

  6. grayelf

    *Sticks hand up* — I love the red apple and very cherry! I will even risk eating a cinnamon to get them. So don’t throw that Tupperware away, Suanne :-).

  7. Tony

    My usual grocery store has these hanging on the impulse racks sometimes. I usually wind up with a package of them in my basket somehow. They’re far too dangerous to my diet!
    I personally don’t have any flavours I dislike, though I’m never big on black licorice… the popcorn flavoured ones are fascinating in how they convince the senses you’ve just had a handful of overbuttered movie theatre popcorn.

    1. Peter E

      Like the Walker’s “American Cheeseburger” flavored chips. You’d swear you just bit into a flame-grilled burger!

        1. Janice

          Ever try Calbee chips? They have an AWESOME thai green curry flavour.

  8. cmee8

    Hi Ben,

    My favs are the citrus ones — orange, lemon, lime n anything “licorishy” gets tossed. Imagine if they ever have a ba ku the or szechuan peppercorn ones!

  9. Jayda

    haha…. I loved it when they came out with the Harry Potter ones that tasted like gross things like dirt, earthworms, vomit…. etc…. I mean it was totally gross but it was so much fun to give them to the neighbourhood kids to see the kind of reactions they would have. Some of the beans were the normal flavours, but then you’d get one that tasted just horrible! Fun with Jelly Bellies!

    1. Jayda

      Ben, you might not think Cherry is so terrible after eating one of those!

  10. pinoy gourmet

    Yes Ben,there are worse flavors then cherry.My daughter is a potterhead and some of the Harry Potter flavors are terribile tasting.

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