Yuemicka Noodle House in Richmond Central

Updated 6th Oct 2014; This restaurant is closed.

Lorna, Marian, Emily and I met up for lunch at Yuemicka Noodle House in the strip mall where Alleluia Cafe and New Concept Hot Pot are located. It’s an impromptu meet up since the summer break for the community kitchens.


If I remembered clearly, this restaurant was opened in June. We were there just before 11:00AM and the restaurant is not opened yet. The business hour sign on the door did not indicate the time and we were wondering if it’s closed for that day. Apparently, the restaurant just open slightly later that day. Luckily, someone in our party was also late and we decided to wait for the last person before we decide to go somewhere else.


Yuemicka Noodle House is clean and neat. The walls are decorated with pictures of some of the dishes they served. Since we were the first customers, the place looked empty in the photo above but at about noon, it is full.


Although the name of the restaurant indicates that it’s a noodle house, they also served snacks and bubble teas. You may click on the menu above to have a larger view.


Their noodle combo is the kind that you select your soup base, type of noodle and toppings. The basic combo is $7.50 which include a hot coffee or tea. Iced drink will have an extra charge of $1. You may get extra toppings with additional charge. The menu is clickable for larger view.


We ordered two noodle combos to share. The above is Tomato & Pumpkin Fish Soup with ramen, sliced beef and beef tendon. The ramen is …  (more…)

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