Yuemicka Noodle House in Richmond Central

Updated 6th Oct 2014; This restaurant is closed.

Lorna, Marian, Emily and I met up for lunch at Yuemicka Noodle House in the strip mall where Alleluia Cafe and New Concept Hot Pot are located. It’s an impromptu meet up since the summer break for the community kitchens.


If I remembered clearly, this restaurant was opened in June. We were there just before 11:00AM and the restaurant is not opened yet. The business hour sign on the door did not indicate the time and we were wondering if it’s closed for that day. Apparently, the restaurant just open slightly later that day. Luckily, someone in our party was also late and we decided to wait for the last person before we decide to go somewhere else.


Yuemicka Noodle House is clean and neat. The walls are decorated with pictures of some of the dishes they served. Since we were the first customers, the place looked empty in the photo above but at about noon, it is full.


Although the name of the restaurant indicates that it’s a noodle house, they also served snacks and bubble teas. You may click on the menu above to have a larger view.


Their noodle combo is the kind that you select your soup base, type of noodle and toppings. The basic combo is $7.50 which include a hot coffee or tea. Iced drink will have an extra charge of $1. You may get extra toppings with additional charge. The menu is clickable for larger view.


We ordered two noodle combos to share. The above is Tomato & Pumpkin Fish Soup with ramen, sliced beef and beef tendon. The ramen is … 


QQ or al-dante with the right texture. The noodle soup combo also came with button mushroom, fresh bean curd sticks and cabbages. The soup base is milky as a fish soup should be. I remembered the beef tendon is quite tasty.


The second noodle combo is Minced Pork Fish Soup with vermicelli, fresh fish slices and fish puff. The vermicelli is the thicker version like “lai fun”. I like the fish puff in this combo as it’s like the “Yu Fu” that we like from Landmark Hotpot House.


As the combo comes with a free drink, we ordered a coffee and an iced milk tea. The drinks are pretty good. Hot coffee and tea is $1.75 by itself.


Lorna ordered an Iced Red Bean instead for her drink. The above was $3.75. Lorna commented that the red beans are not thoroughly cooked.


We also ordered a few snacks to share. There were two items that we wanted to try that were not available because the chef is not in yet. They were Chiu Chow Sweet Taro and Yam Fries. I preferred yam fries over regular french fries. The only time I tried Chiu Chow Sweet Taro was from T-Hut Cafe Chinese Restaurant but unfortunately they are closed.

The above is Marinated Beef Shank for $5.75. It was served cold and sliced very thinly. Great as an appetizer.


The next snacking item is Curry Fish Balls. The above is $3.50. It’s almost 60 cents for a fish ball. I like the curry flavour is spicy enough for me.


Lorna wanted to try the Rice Roll Noodle with Mixed Sauce. It is $4.50. The distinct flavour that I can detect in the mixed sauces is sesame paste.


The last snack item is Japanese Takoyaki. This item is on one of the poster on the wall. It is also $4.50. Marian commented that this is a bit too starchy. She recommended the stall in Aberdeen which in her opinion served a better version of Japanese Takoyaki.


The total bill came to $44.52 before tips. We had a good time catching with one another with their experiences in their summer travel. Lorna went for a 2 weeks tour in eastern Europe while Marian just came back for Chicago while accompanying her daughter for some dance/martial art competition. Emily will be visiting Bemuda.

We decided to treat Marian as her birthday falls in July. We would like to do this again for the next person’s birthday.

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7 days a week: 11:00 AM to 11:00PM

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  1. krispymilk

    Ahhh you should try the waffle cake next time! It’s pretty good and not readily available at most restaurants.

    I wanted to try the Chiu Chow sweet taro as well, but every single time they say the chef is away, so I kind of gave up. I have a feeling they no longer make the item but are too lazy to change the menu…

  2. tarobbt

    you should try the takoyaki at Takeya Sushi on No.1 and francis.. its the best place i’ve tried so far that serves takoyaki!

  3. Alice

    Hey Susanna, How are you, hope your boys are keeping you company while Ben is away. It’s Alice (aka puree girl @ Richmond Centre Mall, I haven’t called you for any because I found out that I was diabetic 🙁 So yeah, you sweet and yummy puree is off limits, at least for now till I can lose some weight and hopefully it’ll go away by then.
    Thanx for the great post, I would have never otherwise come across this place cuz it’s so hidden. I had the Szechuan soup base with thick rice noodle and 3 toppings of pork blood/beef brisket/fish balls and a side order of curry fish balls (4pcs.) for only an additional of $1.50. It was really good and the waitress was super friendly and helpful. I told the owner there about your post and he was really happy/excited about the news and asked for your website!!! =) And lastly, I really liked that they are not cheap with their soup, cuz both my sister and mum could not finish their noodle soup because they are both on a diet, so we asked for containers and a extra soup so we could take it home. Most places would either say no or charge you at least $2.50 for it. This is called smart business cuz that’s what makes people wanna come back.
    Next Saturday October 9th is their grand opening, so if your bill is $15.00 or more, you will get free 鸡蛋子 and a 10%-15% discount card that you can use anytime you dine there. This place is definitely would checking out and they have a huge selection on desserts/bubble drinks!!!

    1. Suanne

      Hi Alice, nice to hear from you again. Hope your health will be in top shape soon. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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