Yuu Japanese Tapas on Sexsmith Road in Richmond

It was BC day. Nanzaro had gone to Playland with his friends. The three of us went out for lunch. Ben wanted noodle soup. We kind of debating on whether we should go for Vietnamese Pho or Japanese Ramen.


We ended up at Continental Plaza. G-Men was still closed as we had noticed sometime ago. Our second choice was New Asia Deli which is a Vietnamese Restaurant. Unfortunately, it was closed too for summer vacation or something like that. Then, we were attracted to this quite new Japanese Tapas restaurant which took over the Purity Vegetarian Restaurant. There were colourful posters of ramen on their door. That’s it, we will take it.


The interior is clean and neat. There are banquettes that line one side of the wall while booth seats on the opposite side. The flat screen tv on the wall was displaying some of the Japanese dishes and it shows how it’s made, etc.


There were Japanese written menu on the wall too.


Service was prompt. We were served green tea after we sat down.


Ben ordered the Hell Fire Ramen.  The name of the dish sounds very intimidating. As the name indicates, it is very spicy. The Hell Fire Ramen has Japanese style char siu (BBQ pork), half an half boiled egg, bamboo shoot, bean sprout, corn and green onions. On the menu, the price of this is $8.99 but … (more…)

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