Community Kitchens meet at Red Mirchi, Richmond

Updated: 4th Oct 2011: Red Mirchi has moved a few doors away to 4119 #5 Road.

The Richmond Community Kitchen met for the last time before the summer break. This luncheon is attended by 13 members from various Richmond Community Kitchens.

I filled in for Minoo to organize this luncheon because Minoo has a last minute personal matter to attend to. It was a good turnout.


We had lunch at Red Mirchi at the corner of No. 5 Road and Cambie. The location had been determined during the previous week’s lunch at Cucina Manila. We love to enjoy various ethnic cuisines in our multicultural community kitchens.


Red Mirchi offers buffet lunch and daily lunch specials at reasonable prices.


Red Mirchi’s regular menu items ranges from $10 to $15 for the Indian dishes. You can click on the menu to view them larger. Red Mirchi also serves pizza and pasta.


Red Mirchi has a very pleasant setting with booth seats and single rectangular tables that can be joined up for a large group. It is spacious.

We were told by the server that this restaurant has been in business for 15 months. The server who served us told us that she used to work at All India Sweets in Vancouver for 5 years before her family decided to open this restaurant. This is a family run business, managed by two brothers and two sisters.

The server also told us they are often mistaken to be related to Mirchi on Granville St. in Vancouver. However, they are not related at all. They even have customers who call up for take out orders but went to the Mirchi in Vancouver to pick up the order and only found out it’s the wrong Mirchi.


Since we had a big group and the majority of them opted for the buffet, we decided the whole group to have the buffet. It’s easier to manage this way. The buffet is $10.95 per person.

The main dish in the buffet is … (more…)

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BG Urban Cafe at International Place, Richmond

Polly and I met again for our ladies’ get together. This time we went to BG Urban Cafe in Richmond at the International Place. Bread Garden re-branded their franchise recently.


This BG Urban Cafe is located in an industrial area. It caters for the surrounding office workers.


I have not been to Bread Garden before. So, I’m not sure if there is a change to the menu with this new re-branding. You can click on the menu to have a larger view.


This location is surprisingly large. It is pretty busy too. It is equipped with wifi as I saw one of the customer using a notebook in the cafe. There is also seating outside with the better weather now. This place opens really early around 6:30AM and closes at 5:00PM, just to cater for the workers around this industrial park.


The first item we picked is the above Cinnamon Knots with Coffee for $3.49. The coffee is strong as I like it. The cinnamon knots is light and fluffy and laden with sticky sweetness and walnuts. It does look very sweet but… (more…)

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