Cattle Hot Pot Restaurant in Alexandra Road, Richmond

It’s another weekend dining out with my kids. This time, Arkensen refused to come out with us. So, it’s just Nanzaro and me.


We went to Cattle Hot Pot Restaurant on Alexandra Road. It was empty when we were there just before noon. At that time, there was a wait line in Kam Do Restaurant and Bakery which located just next door.


Cattle Hot Pot is a hot pot restaurant. You can see that each table is equipped with built-in burner. But we were not here for hot pot.


Cattle Hot Pot is affiliated with Cattle Cafe across the road. You can see both restaurants printed on the napkin.


Cattle Hot Pot now serves Fish Soup Noodle Combo and Cattle Meals during lunch hour. You can click on the menu to have a better view.


Nanzaro opted for their Fish Soup Noodle Combo. The combo is $7.50 and it includes a drink.


Nanzaro had lemon Coke for his drink. Like most Hong Kong style cafe, there is an extra dollar charge for cold drink.


Nanzaro’s Fish Soup Noodle Combo is made up of original fish soup base, Japanese ramen with cuttle fish ball and imitation crab meat as the ingredients. The bowl of noodle soup also comes with suey choy, mushroom and …


the above slices of stuff that tasted like soy product. Anyone has any idea what is that?

Anyway, it was a big bowl. Nanzaro woke up late that Saturday and had a late breakfast. So, he ate most of the cuttle fish balls and imitation crab meat and packed the leftover noodles for his dinner later.


Nanzaro also added a side dish for his noodle soup combo. The above 3 pieces of deep fried chicken winglets was $1.50. They were crispy outside but still lightly pink near the bone. Not a fan of that.


I ordered from the Cattle meals section. The above House Special Baked Seafood & Pork Chop with Rice is $9.95.


The Cattle meal also comes with a drink. I had the Milk Tea and Coffee.  It is not as strong as I like them to be.


The combo is like the Honeymoon Fried Rice which comes with a white sauce on one side and a tomato sauce on another. I only managed to finish the seafood side which had artificial crab meat, squid, prawns, fish and mussel. I just took a bite on the pork chop side and the pork chop was crispy. I packed the leftover home and Arkensen finished it off for me.


Cattle Hot Pot only accepts CASH. One thing good here is you dont have to wait for a table even at a Saturday afternoon. If you want to dine at Kam Do or Cattle Cafe, there is always a line up.


You may click on the menu to have a bigger picture.


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  1. Michael

    Your family shoudl try their ‘all you can eat hot pot’ at night. Specialty is their ‘fatty beef’ (marbled with fat). Probably easier to bring someone who is familiar with the ordering routine. Some items are extra from the all you can eat price. Usually packed in the evening, but very good value, Go hungry!

  2. DylanK

    I have a deep crush on on one of the girls that works there.
    What is her name, Stanley?

  3. Kai

    For some reason clicking to enlarge the menu doesn’t work.

    1. Suanne

      Hi Kai, thank you for notifying us. I had rectified the problem.

  4. Cici

    The stuff that tastes like soy products — they are sliced king oyster mushroom.

  5. Jean

    Ok, Suanne how do you manage to keep your weight at a reasonable thing with visiting restaurants to support food blogging? Or maybe you have high metabolism.

    I’ve always wondered about regular food bloggers.

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