Pho Ten in Sand’s Plaza, No 5 Road, Richmond

A reader alerted us that there is a new Vietnamese restaurant in Ironwood. That is a good addition as there is no Vietnamese in this part of Richmond.


Pho Ten Restaurant is located at the new Sand’s Plaza on No. 5 Road. It is across the No. 5 Road from the Ironwood Library.


This restaurant has opened just over a month. Everything is new here. It seats about 50 people. We were there just before noon. By noon, there were more customers trickled in. The customer base is a good mix of Asian and Caucasian.


Service is very prompt. There were three servers working on the floor. The server came over twice to take our order but we took our own sweet time to look over the menu. Nanzaro and I like the chili condiment on the table which is very spicy. Arkensen commented that he did not understand us as to why we want to torture our tongue and kill the taste buds. The beansprouts and basil were fresh too.


Arkensen ordered a large Pho Ten Special. Small is $6.75 and large is $7.95. The large here is not very large compared to Pho Lan. The Pho Ten Special has rare sliced steak, brisket, fatty flank, tendon, tripe, crunchy flank and beef balls.

I tasted the soup and it flavourful.


I ordered a bahn mi for sharing as appetizer. The above is called Ten Sandwich Special. It’s $4.50. This has Vietnamese ham with pate,¬†mayonnaise, sliced cucumber, pickled carrots and daikon radish, jalapeno, cilantro, pepper and soy sauce. I’m slightly disappointed …at the baguette as it is not as crispy as I expected. However the sandwich does has a kick from the jalapeno and the herbs and pickled vegetables give it a nice balance of flavour.


I ordered a rice plate for $8.50. This is Com Tam Ga Cha Gio which is grilled lemon grass chicken and deep fried spring roll on steamed broken rice. It is served with a bowl of soup and fish sauce dipping sauce. The chicken is tender and it’s a big serving. The spring roll had a nice crunch too. I had half leftover to pack home.


Nanzaro ordered his favourite Bun Bo Hue. The large bowl is $8.50. The Bun Bo Hue has quite some ingredients in it. The good thing this one does not comes with the pig blood as we do not eat them. The pork knuckle has quite a lot of meat on them. The soup also tasted good. I can tell that Nanzaro enjoyed his spicy food as he kept adding the spicy chili to his noodle.

This is a very decent Vietnamese place and a great addition to the Ironwood area. With the colder days ahead, it’s just comforting to have a hot bowl of noodle soup.


Pho Ten accepts credit card; just that you have to pay at the counter if you choose to pay with credit card.


You can click on the above take out menu to take a closer look at them.

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