Turns Six

We cant believe that is 6 years old already. It’s been a wonderful 6 years of sharing our food and travel experiences with our readers and friends. We just want to thank our readers for their continuing support and encouragement.


We hope there will be more sharing in the coming year with more good eats, recipes and travel experiences.

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  1. Ben

    Oh wow. No kidding … 6 years, huh? I completely lost track of this milestone. I know it is all YOUR hardwork for the past few months while I went MIA! 🙂 Love your posts!

  2. 604munchies

    Wow! Congrats on 6 years of blogging! 🙂 Since the first day I’ve visited, I’ve enjoyed each post you’ve both put up. Cheers to many more years to come 🙂

    1. Kevin

      The OG! Congrats Ben & Suanne 🙂

  3. Justin

    Congrats Ben and Suanne!

    Heh. Does anyone else find it funny that there are only 5 candles in the picture? 😉

    1. Ben

      Hehehe … maybe it was just Suanne’s subtle way of saying that my contribution on chowtimes was only for 5 years while she was the one actually doing it for 6 years. 🙂

  4. Diana

    Congrats Ben and Suanne!!

  5. Felicia

    Such a confidence. My son turns 6 years old as well, today.
    I have to add, chowtimes, is a really good reference to many foodies like us. ‘You’ did an awesome job! Keep it up people! You guys are Simply ‘BAGUS’.(Good)

  6. LotusRapper

    Wow, another anniversary ?? Time flies. Congrats Ben & Suanne !

    Seemed like yesterday you two were um, newbie food bloggers:


    Sorry I’ve not been around that much this past Fall. But I think I’m able to spend more personal time on the Net from now on. Besides, I can’t let a certain “Crispy” guy overtake me in the # of posts 😉

    All the best in 2012, S & B !

    1. Ben

      Hehehe … looking at the old pix of ours, I have half a mind of taking another one with both of us wearing matching black turtlenecks. But on second thought, I better now considering all the pounds we put on after six years of eating. 🙂

      1. LotusRapper

        Black is a good colour for that, keeping one’s profile appear slim 🙂

  7. Bill Barilko

    Congratulations on a stellar effort!

  8. Doug

    Congrats! I can’t wait to read your next adventure!

  9. WS

    Are there any Vancouver food blogs that were started around same time as Chowtimes 6 years ago or before, that are still very active?

    1. Ben

      Hi WS: I know that there was a site called van-eats which were extremely popular when we started blogging. I think also Nancy’s blog (can’t remember the blog at the top of my head) was also around during those days. Hmmm … perhaps LotusRapper would know. To me, he is the OG food blog follower. Ben

      1. LotusRapper

        Yup, I was on VanEats (Roland & Barb) and NancyLand (Nancy, aka DumplingGirl) sites. Nancy is still around:

        Roland IIRC moved to Twittering and signed off VanEats around 3 years ago:

        Dunno what they’re up to these days. IIRC my first resto review on VanEats was on Ajisai in Kerrisdale 🙂

      2. LotusRapper

        Hey, what’s “OG” stand for anyway …. old-generation ???

        Ah well, another year’s gone by, I do feel older-gen anyway 😉

        1. Ben

          Found this by googling: An OG is normally a member of a gang Who has been around for some time and has put in a large amount of work e.g. Killing enemy gang members. Therefore he is considered a more respected/higher class member in the gang.

          1. LotusRapper

            You want me to eliminate your competition ? 😉

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