Beijing Day 4: Supper at Kung Fu

After the late hotpot lunch at Hai Di Lou, we went back to the hotel to rest. On the way back, we bought a couple of Ben’s favourite pork floss buns for tea time.

It’s not until close to 8pm that Ben decided to venture out again. He wanted to have a hair cut. We were unsure if the salon will be closed at that time but were surprised that they were still opened. The hair cut in Beijing was pretty cheap here. There are some place where you could get a haircut for 15 RMB (which is like $2.50 CAD)! Ben went to a more upscale one which charges 60 RMB (about CAD10) for his hair cut which is still way cheaper than the cheapest you can find in Vancouver. For 60 RMB, they even shampoo the hair.


After the hair cut, we walked a bit looking for a light supper. We ended at one of Ben’s favourite fast food chain called Kungfu.


It’s already past 9pm and the restaurant is about to close. Ben ordered his favourite combo which comes with a double boiled soup. The pork rib soup was pretty tasty with quite a bit of pork ribs in it.


Since it’s late, there is not much choice left. Ben ordered another pork rib dish braised in soy sauce for the main dish. Look at the sauce that came with it.


Ben loves jhup with rice. He will drenched his rice with jhup and he can just eat it like that. We like that the rice is steamed in individual bowl.


The combo also came with a simple blanched lettuce. At least there is vegetables that comes with it. The lettuce is also seasoned with soy sauce and it still had a crunch to it.


Ben’s choice of drink for the combo was a cold green bean drink. It is like green bean sweet soup but in a more watery form without the texture of the beans.

We just shared the meal since we were not really hungry. The combo was RMB31 (about CAD 5.15).

We called it a night and that concluded our adventures for Day 3.

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  1. Betty

    That was a nice somewhat snack. Too bad it near closing time so did not show what other kind of food they got. Maybe next time.

  2. James

    I saw this Kungfu restaurant chain in every mall in Beijing and Shanghai. Recently YUM (KFC) bought one of the Chinese fast foo chain for its YUM empire.

  3. LotusRapper

    Jhup …… you got the jhup !! 😀

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