Ben’s First Burger after Returning from Beijing

The first thing Ben wanted to do on the first weekend after his return from Beijing was to go shopping in Bellingham. He wanted to shop for some clothing. Ben does not like the men’s clothing in Beijing. Guess where we had lunch?


Ben was yearning for a good burger and we had lunch at Shari’s in Bellingham. We had blogged about Shari’s in Bellingham here and Shari’s in Seattle here. Shari’s is a chain restaurant that opens 24 hours.


Ben ordered the Trail Boss which stacks high with ham, bacon, Swiss cheese  and most important of all a fried egg.  The fried egg is the reason Ben ordered this. The Trail Boss is $9.99.


It was impossible for Ben to eat the Trail Boss with his hands holding the burger up. So, he ate it like a gentleman with the fork and knife. He loves to add ketchup to his burger and fries.


Nanzaro ordered a Double R Ranch Double Stack Bacon Burger which is also $9.99. This is a 2-patty monsters. Unlike Ben, Nanzaro ate his burger like a cowboy. He squeezed the burger so hard that the buns actually broke up.

For the burger, the server asked if Nanzaro wanted the meat pink. Nanzaro wanted his pink. (more…)

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