Breakfast at Alleluia Cafe, Richmond

Jeannie, Liz and I met up for breakfast to catch up with one another. They are my ex and current neighbours. Jeannie suggested  to meet up at Alleluia Cafe, a Hong Kong style cafe. Jeannie wanted to introduce Chinese style breakfast to Liz who is a Hungarian.


The breakfast menu came with a drink. Liz had the honey lemon tea while Jeannie had the hot milk tea and I had the hot Hong Kong style coffee. I had heard that the refill of drink is free here but have never ask for a refill. One cup is enough for me.

Ben had blogged about Alleluia Cafe here but it was for lunch.


The breakfast menu here is pretty reasonable considering that it comes with a drink with free refill. You can click on the menu to have a larger view.


I ordered a Toast with Condensed Milk and Peanut Butter since I already had breakfast at home. This is only $2.95 with a drink. I love the sweet and slightly saltiness combination of flavour from the condensed milk and peanut butter.


Liz had the Spanish Omelete which is a more Western style of breakfast. The Spanish Omelete comes with a toast and a drink too. It is $4.50. The Spanish Omelete is filled with ham, onion, sweet pepper, mushroom and is ketchupy. It is moist. Liz enjoyed her omelet. Liz commented that she likes the sentimental music here. She thought the restaurant will be broadcasting some Chinese music. (more…)

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