$4 for half a glass of Vietnamese Ice Milk Coffee

The boys wanted Vietnamese for lunch as they claimed that they have not have one for a while. So, we went to An Nam Restaurant for lunch.


Nanzaro wanted to have an Ice Vietnamese Milk Coffee for his drink. It costs $4. I told him he can get his coffee from McDonalds on the way back but Nanzaro is very stubborn. When he wanted something, he will insist on getting it.


Vietnamese Milk Coffee is served with the above special dripping cup with condensed milk at the bottom of the glass. Since Nanzaro wanted the Ice Milk Coffee, they served the ice in another glass.

After the coffee finished dripping, I told Nanzaro to stir the coffee to dissolve the condensed milk. Then he added the ice to the coffee. He was quite disappointed and kind of regretted as what he got is only half a glass of Ice Milk Coffee as in the photo above.

I would prefer the Ice Milk Coffee from Pho Han which is only $2.99 and it came prepared in a glass already. At least the glass is full and not half.


Nanzaro and I got the Special Seafood Dry Noodle.  This is $8.50. It has generous amount of … (more…)

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