New Ikea Restaurant in Richmond

The new Ikea finally opened on the 25th April. It was bigger than the original location which was the first Ikea in North America. We are very eager to visit the new Ikea but we did not go on the first day as we knew it will be packed due to freebies, etc.


We went to the Ikea Restaurant for lunch on the first weekend. The restaurant was packed with people. There was a line up as expected.


The restaurant is huge with various settings for different ages. I love the new setup.


I like the new food tray cart. It is very handy for family dining.


Ben and Nanzaro opted for the 10 piece Meatball Combo which is $5.99. We switched the mash potatoes with fries instead.


The combo comes with a drink and a salad. You help yourself with the salad at a self service section.


Ben had coffee while Nanzaro had soft drink. There is free refill for the coffee and soft drinks. Coffee and soft drink is only $1 by itself.


Ben shared a soup with me. It was minestrone soup which was slightly spicy. The soup comes with a crusty roll and the soup is $1.99.


Arkensen and I had the Salmon with Hollandaise Sauce. This is on promotion during the opening. It is only $4.99; regular price is $7.99. It comes with two vegetable medallions and mix steamed vegetables. Ben told Arkensen the reason the two vegetable medallions are made into that shape is because Swedish is very health conscious and to encourage kids to eat vegetables, they made it into a hockey puck shape. Well, I’m not sure if Ben is pulling our legs.

Arkensen also shared a Dark Chocolate Almond Cake with me. I love the crunchy almond topping of this cake in contrast with a layer of soft cream in the cake. We forgot to take a photo of this as we were too busy enjoying the food. It was $1.99.


Ikea accepts credit card.

IKEA Food Service on UrbanspoonBUSINESS HOUR

Monday to Friday: 9:30AM to 8:00PM
Saturday: 8:30AM to 7:00PM
Sunday: 9:30AM to 5:00PM

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  1. LotusRapper

    I made the *mistake* of going there last week when they first opened (I went on Thursday evening). What a zoo. Interesting the restaurant has the “W”-shaped dual-lines setup, but even that didn’t help speed things up at the time. But the seating area is quite big, although it didn’t really look like a 600-seat venue as I was told it is. Either way, it’s all so much better than the old building which has been operating well past capacity for so many years now.

  2. SteveB

    Thanks for reminding me, I’ll take my girlfriend to check it out next time we go shopping @ Ikea.

  3. LotusRapper

    A reminder for those with young ‘uns, the Richmond store now has a large kids playroom just like the Coquitlam store, complete with a balls section where they can dive into. Time limit for kids drop-off is 45 mins.

  4. joyce

    Mmmmmm my stomach is growling

  5. Wong Min Harng

    Whenever we went to Ikea, we had few cups of coffee (per pax)and glasses of softdrinks.

    You don’t have curry puff there?

    1. Suanne

      I think the Ikea menu is slightly different in different countries.

  6. liz

    They’ve made it so easy and enjoyable for shopping maybe I should think about have my kids’ weddings there too. Hahaha! The only thing I wouldn’t do is put my food at the very bottom of that cart thing. That’s where all the dust and dirt gets stirred up.

  7. Vanessa

    cool family dining carts! very ikea-style.

    my favourite dish/meal/item from Ikea is the dried blueberry spinach goatcheese salad 😀

  8. Shanny

    Apply for ikeas family card! Then you’ll get more members only price later on; furnishing, meals in their rest., etc. They do that here in Switzerland. 😉

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