Himalaya Restaurant on No. 5 Road, Richmond

Arkensen and Nanzaro wanted Indian food on a weekend dine out. Arkensen even volunteered to drive us to the restaurant.


We went to Himalaya Restaurant at No. 5 Road and Cambie.


We came for the All You Can Eat Buffet which is $12 per person. Himalaya Restaurant also sells a wide range of Indian sweets. This restaurant seats about 70.


If all you can eat is not your forte, you can order from the menu too. You can click on the menu to have a larger view.


I have never seen so much Indian sweets being offered on the buffet tables before.


Gulap Jamun is the most common Indian sweets offered in most All You Can Eat Indian buffet.


Above are some of the items offered on the buffet tables which include meat curries, vegetarian dishes, tidbits, etc. You can click on the photos to have a larger view.


Árkensen’s palate is very simple. He only likes one Indian dish which is Butter Chicken. All he had was Butter Chicken with Basmati Rice and Naan.


Naan was served to us at the table and not served on the buffet. The naan is served hot. Naan is great with any curries.


I had a Chai Tea for drink. It was $1.50 and not part of the buffet.


I started off with some the above plate of tidbits which include mandarin oranges, some spiced soft chickpeas, fresh daikon slices, pickled carrot, cucumber slices, mint and tamarind chutney. I enjoyed the chickpeas and pickled carrot.


My main plate consisted of Curry Chicken, Butter Chicken, Aloo Gobi and a Yogurt Curry with Vegetable Pakora. The mains were decent.


I also had some Saag (mustard leaves) as the server told me that she had added it to the buffet. I did not quite like this as it has a bitter after taste to it.


The highlight of the buffet for me is the sweets. I got to taste so many variety of sweets. Here is what I remembered. The one with pink color has a rose flavour to it. The one in the middle is coated with sugar syrup and is crunchy. The orange color at the bottom is a moist carrot cake. The white piece at the 10 o’clock position is like candied winter melon commonly found in the Chinese New Year candy box.

Most of the rest of the sweets are milky and creamy. I like the one with raisin and pistachio which has a hint of cardamon flavour. The one right to the half gulap piece is with almonds and it has a powdery milky texture.

All the above sweets were for me and myself. My kids are not keen on sweets and they wont touch any. What a sugar over load day for me. If you like sweets, Himalaya Restaurant is worth trying.


Himalaya Restaurant accepts credit card.


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