Sun Fresh Bakery House in Vancouver Chinatown

After lunch at JJ’s Restaurant, Marian recommended us to get some Chinese buns from Sun Fresh Bakery House in Chinatown. She was in Chinatown the week before and came across this bakery and she highly recommends the Mix Vegetable Chinese bun from this bakery.


Sun Fresh Bakery House is located on Keefer St.


Sun Fresh Bakery House is a typical bakery which sells bread, bun, Chinese steamed bun, cake and Asian style pastry.


You can even get Chinese birthday bun in the shape of a plum and rice rolls here as the sign above indicates.


I bought a few items for the boys. They like pork floss bun, sausage bun while I like coconut bun.



I noticed that the bun here is bigger than those I usually get from Richmond. Not only they are bigger, they are also cheaper. Most of the buns are below $1.


The above was the recommendation from Marian. It’s Mix Vegetable Steamed Bun.


The filling of carrot, cabbage, cloud ear, vermicelli and cilantro had a crunch to it. I did enjoy the bun.

If I remembered correctly, I bought six items and it’s only $5.55.

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  1. LotusRapper

    That mixed veggies bun look good with a good variety of filling. The T&T has a similar Buddhist veggies bun which is quite good, but over the years it seems as though they’ve simultaneously cut back on the amount and variety of fillings, as well as nudging the prices up. I know this place (Sun Fresh) is popular and runs out of some items quickly in the morning. I’ve tried getting egg tarts a couple times before noon and they’ve already sold out ! I guess the early bird gets the …….. fresh egg tarts 😉

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