Tuxedo Cake from Costco, Richmond

For the June birthday boy in the family, we bought a Tuxedo cake from the Richmond Costco.

If I remembered correctly, the Tuxedo cake in Costco is $14.99.


The Tuxedo Cake is in a long rectangular shape instead of the more traditional round or more squarish shape.


Costco Tuxedo cake is made of a base of chocolate cake top with chocolate mousse follow by a layer of white color frosting (perhaps with cream cheese) and another layer of chocolate cake. Finally it is topped with chocolate ganache.

The Tuxedo cake is garnished with a white chocolate roll and some crunchy little white and chocolate balls which the birthday boy likes.

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  3. Joanne

    Omg, we love this cake! I’m contemplating if I should get it for my birthday. Hey, do you remember if Save-On Tuxedo Cake is better? I think this one tastes better if I remember correctly. Love this post!


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