Japadog at YVR

On one of the day that we picked up Ben from the YVR airport, Nanzaro wanted to have a Japadog before we headed home.


Japadog now has 6 locations including one  in New York according to it’s website. But from the bill board above, it looks there are 7 locations.


There was no crazy line here like what they experienced when they first open for business in downtown Vancouver.


Nanzaro ordered the Kurobuta teriyamo for $7.56 including tax. The hotdog was good but it is pricey.


Should I tip when buying from a food cart?


Anyway, for this particular trip from Beijing, Ben brought home some cake from BreadTalk for us. He would love to bring home more but only cake is transportable and he only has a small container to carry them. Among the cakes were banana cake, chocolate swirl cake and peanut butter cake.


I like the peanut butter cake most.

Japadog on UrbanspoonBUSINESS HOUR

Monday to Sunday: 10:30AM to 6:00PM

2 thoughts on “Japadog at YVR

  1. I think tipping is not necessary at a food cart. If there is a tip jar, I may drop a dollar in there but I don’t think it’s expected.

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