Nooch Snack & Grill across Richmond City Hall

Updated 2nd February 2013: This restaurant is closed.

Marian, Lorna and I met up for lunch at Nooch Snack & Chill recently on an impromptu basis. We just made the arrangement in the morning and met up for lunch. I like impromptu meet ups for small group. It’s much easier to arrange.


We went to the Nooch Snack & Chill across the Richmond City Hall on No. 3 Road. Parking is very limited at the rear of the restaurant. I went with Lorna and parked at Richmond Center and did some shopping there before we walked over for lunch. I got a pair of shoes at good price as Sears was having 50% discount during that time.


The restaurant is bright and clean. The bean bags section looks like a good spot to chill out with friends.


The dining area is spacious. I do not like restaurant with tight seating area. The random black and red chairs add contrast to the mostly white tables and chairs.


We started off with a Nooch Chef Salad. We were given a few choices of cheese and Marian opted for feta. The salad is made with quinoa, black bean, grape, cabbage, lettuce, sweet peppers, pear, carrot and walnut. This healthy salad costs $11.


Lorna picked a Teriyaki Chicken Sandwich. This is also $11. The sandwich is served with potato chips and a small side salad.


Besides lettuce, the sandwich also has cucumber and pineapple, giving it a Hawaiian flavour.


I ordered an Apple ‘N’ Pear Panini to double up as dessert. The panini is $8. It also came with a side of chips and salad. Our choice of bread was multi grain.


Unfortunately, the filings of apple and pear was bland. We would prefer a sweeter filing and perhaps with more pronounced cinnamon flavour.


We were not able to finish our food and asked for a take out box. We were glad to see that Nooch uses environment friendly paper based take out box instead of styrofoam box.


Nooch accepts credit and debit card.


We only noticed the daily specials on our way out.

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  1. Kayce

    I love this place! If you ever go again, you should give their iced teas a try. The quinoa salad looks really good, and looks big too..

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