Xian Day 1: Dinner

It’s dinner time when we finished our bike ride on the City Wall.


We went to a shopping district to look for something to eat.


We ended up at a fast food kind of place. Ben ordered a stewed pork rice. It came with a marinated egg and various vegetables.


The rice combo also include a tomato soup.


I ordered a pork belly combo. It came with a side of green vegetables, tomato soup, pickled daikon and rice.


The pork belly is stirred fried with chili, i.e. hot and spicy. Our meal came up to RMB25 (CAD4.20). Our first day adventure in Xian was definitely fruitful.

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  1. hungry in tsawwassen

    4.20 Cdn all together for the 2 of you?! Cheap place!

  2. cmee8

    Would have set u back at least $20 here. Happy cheap eats!

  3. janel raelyn

    The pork belly combo really is mouth watering! Yet with a very low cost. Have a nice and happy cheap eats!

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