Xian Day 2: Dinner

After rested in the hotel,we headed out for dinner. We did not venture far as there were a few restaurants near the hotel we stayed in.


We ordered a few dishes for dinner. The first dish was a spicy fish stew. The fish slices had been deep fried and were boneless. I enjoyed it very much.


There were some thick vermicelli at the bottom of the fish stew. The vermicelli took on the flavour of the spicy sauce.


The above was s soup. There were tofu, wood ear and some meat slices in it. I like the milkiness of the broth.


We had fried rice instead of steamed rice. The fried rice was pretty good as the grains were separated.


Lastly we also had a bowl of congee to clean our palate.


A very happy diner. The above meal was just RMB116 (about CAD20).

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  1. Maggie

    Those bowls look absolutely enormous! Did Ben use a special lens to make them appear larger than they really are?

  2. Jean

    So that huge meal was for just the 2 of your? Hard to take some leftovers to hotel.. given the type of dish.

  3. HM

    Gosh! For that amount of food, sure is cheap deal! Just wondering if you & Ben finished everything….lol!!

  4. Ben

    Yeah, it was a lot of food and unbelievably cheap. Already I find Beijing is cheap compared to Vancouver. Xian is a lot more cheaper. No, it was not lens trick. The servings were really huge. We did not finish it, nor did we had it to go.

    1. WS

      In Beijing you don’t need to tip at Chinese restaurants?

      1. Ben

        Nope. No tipping necessary in China.

        As a matter of fact, you don’t pay taxes on food in restaurants too. So when the menu says that it is 10 dollars, it is 10 dollars that you pay. Unlike in Canada, when the menu says 10 dollars, you pay sometime like $13 after taxes and tips.

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