Xian Day 3: Dinner

We had dinner at Master Kong upon return to the Xian railway station.


We ordered some marinated beef tripe and tendon for appetizer.


Ben had a spicy beef noodle with mixed meat for my main. It was perfect for a cold fall night.


Our noodles came with some sides; marinated tofu and peanuts, stir fried wood ears and marinated eggs.


I had a spicy beef noodle with just beef. It was a great bowl of spicy noodle. The beef was very tender. Our dinner was RMB92 (CAD15).


We bought a couple of pomegranate from the Terracotta Warriors site. It was in season and many women selling them to the tourists. It was RMB1 (CAD0.17) for each.


On the way back to our hotel, we also bought some dried kiwi from the Muslim Quarter. They were RMB10 (CAD1.70) per pound.

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