City 1 Cafe on W King Edward Ave, Vancouver

When I was running some errands in Vancouver with Nanzaro, I stopped by City 1 Cafe for lunch.


City 1 Cafe is a Malaysian restaurant.


The menu is not big. You can click on the menu to have a larger view.


We were there just after 11:30am. The restaurant was pretty empty. But, half an hour later, more customers drop in for lunch. This restaurant seats 26.


I ordered a Malaysian coffee to try. It is $2. Malaysian coffee has a thicker consistency than western coffee.


I ordered a Char Kuey Teow for $9.50. It was a big serving. I made a mistake as this is not the Penang Char Kuey Teow. This is the Singapore style of fried noodle with curry powder seasoning. It was not bad but just not what I expected.


Nanzaro ordered the Belacan Fried Rice for $7.50. Nanzaro still having problem chewing with the extraction of his wisdom teeth. He was bored with porridge and noodle and he wanted rice. The Belacan Fried Rice was fragrant with fermented shrimp. The best thing was there were bits of salted fish in it too.


City 1 Care accepts credit card.


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  1. LotusRapper

    Suanne – FYI the owners are Chinese. We spoke with them on the first time we ate there.

    Too bad you didn’t have their boneless Hainanese chicken on rice. The dinner version ($15) for half chicken plus three bowls of oily rice is better value than the lunchtime single set. While not authentic as the real thing, it’s perhaps one of the better dishes on their menu (the other being the curry beef brisket).

  2. HM

    Agree with LotusRapper that the Hainanese chicken with rice & soup was not the best, but one of the best deals and it’s boneless free-range chicken. The person that took our order told us if we ordered individual serving, it will be regular fryers. They were 2 of us & I realized they didn’t give us the 3rd bowl of rice as indicated on their menu. Since we were full the brim with also a S’pore fried vermicelli, we didn’t bother to ask for the missing bowl. Suzanne, yes their char Kway teow is not the Penang version. Luckily I did ask how they do it before ordering! BTW, they said they are closed in the afternoon (as the sign indicates), but they do take-outs during those hours.

  3. Sedap Makan

    Hi Suanne. Is this the only Char Kuey Teow they offer. I prefer the Kejap Manis versions as well.

    I haven’t been here yet but have had a couple of friends mention it. They recommended boneless hainese chicken, fried rice, roti and spicy green beans. But not Malaysian so no comment on authenticity.

    Thanks for the review.

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