Beijing Day 10

On the return trip from Xian to Beijing, I wanted to try to take the public transport from the airport to Wangfujing instead of taking a cab which costs RMB100. We took the express train from the airport to city center which costs RMB25 per person. From the city center we took the subway back to Wangfujing which costs RMB2 per person. So, there will be a saving of RMB46 for the two of us. However, we dont think it’s worth the hassle as we had to lug our luggages up and down stairs through the long corridors of the subway station and a long walk back to the hotel from the subway station.


We headed to the APM mall for lunch. We had our favourite “Mala La Xiang Quo”. The above was RMB140 (about CAD24).  We went back to the hotel to rest since we woke up very early for out flight.

At dinner time, we went out for dinner with a few of  Ben’s colleague. We went to Tai Hing at APM, a HongKong style restaurant.


We had pineapple buns for appetizer. Some of Ben’s colleagues commented that it’s weird to have sweet bun as appetizer.


One of Ben’s colleague wanted to order the BBQ pork as he loves it after he had it earlier. It was served in a hot plate and doused with sweet honey sauce.


I cant recall what was in the above pot. Maybe some kind of curry.


Ben suggested a sampling dish of various BBQ meat from the menu. There were roast duck, soy sauce chicken, BBQ pork, roast pork, some kind of steamed chicken and another roast item, maybe goose. The sampling plate also came with some pickled radish and marinated sea weed. The sauces that accompany the dish include green onion ginger sauce, hoisin sauce, mustardy sauce and a sweet chili sauce.


A spicy stir fry long bean for the vegetable dish.


We also had a stir fry vermicelli with celery and seafood.


A typical sweet and sour pork dish to perk up our appetite.


Lastly, someone ordered a salad dish which came with some deep fried chicken wings. The meal came to RMB70 (about CAD12) per person which included some drinks.

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