Beijing Day 11: Lunch

We strolled the neighbourhood for lunch after the visit to the Temple of Confucius. We found a neighbourhood restaurant with photos of dishes pasted on the wall which looked quite appetizing.


We ordered a Chinese salad for a starter. Chinese appetizer is usually called “liang pun”; i.e. cold dish. I really like the above slightly tangy and crunchy salad especially the lily flower.


Ben loves to eat rice with soup. The above homey meat ball, suey choy and cellophane noodle soup was so warming.


We ordered a pork belly stir fried dish with mixed vegetables to go steamed rice. It was spicy and salty with the Sichuan pepper corn and black beans. The pork belly was fatty with the ratio of fat to lean meat of 4 to 1.


Finally, a spicy fish stew. All the dishes went well with steamed rice. The meal was only RMB88 (about CAD15).

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