Beijing Day 12: Lunch at Quanjude in Qian Men Dajie

I got a stick of the sugar coated haw for snack before lunch. It was RMB2 (CAD0.35).


The sourness of the haw whet up my appetite for lunch.


Qian Men DaJie is a touristy street lined with time honoured shops.


Quanjude is one of the time honoured shop in Qian Men Dajie. Quanjude has several locations but this is one of the most popular one due to it’s location.


The above line shows it’s popularity. We waited for 30 minutes before we got a table.


We opted for a combo for two for RMB270 (CAD45). This is pricey in Beijing standard.


First came the appetizer. It’s a cold jello dish with goji berries, bean curd, and things that I dont remember now.


Next is a spicy stir fried wood ears which I like.


The main dish of roast duct. The Beijing roast duck is served together with the meat. Unlike the Peking duck that we are used to in North America where the duck skin is served first and the meat will be served in a separate stir fried dish.


The duck is to be eaten with pancake, julienne green onions and a sweet dipping sauce.


When the server brought the cups, we thought that it was a drink. But then the server told us that it’s a broth. Nice.


On the way out, we stopped by the glass covered kitchen to watch the chefs slicing the duck meat. The slicing is quick and consistent.

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    Hi Suanne, I think the name should be Quanjude, it’s a “q”, not a “g”

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