Beijing Day 12: Dinner at Dong Lai Shun Muslim Restaurant

It was a cold windy day. What is better than a hot pot meal?

Beijing-Day-12-Dinner-at Dong-Lai-Shun-1

Ben brought me to a Dong Lai Shun Muslim Restaurant for dinner. Dong Lai Shun is one of Beijing’s oldest Hui, Chinese Muslim restaurants. It is a hot pot chain.

Beijing-Day-12-Dinner-at Dong-Lai-Shun-2

We waited for at least 30 minutes to get a table. It was full house. This is a popular restaurant; more so in cold nights.

Beijing-Day-12-Dinner-at Dong-Lai-Shun-5

The blueish porcelain hot pot vessel is the signature of this hot pot chain. Charcoal in the center of the pot heats the broth. (more…)

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