Crossing over from Richmond to Vancouver via Canada Line Route for Taiwanese Beef Noodle

When the weather is good, Ben likes to explore new walking path. During a spring/summer day, we decided to walk across the Canada Line bridge from Richmond crossing over to Vancouver.


Fraser River view from the bridge.


A tugboat passed by.


View of the north shore mountains from the bridge.


Here comes the train.


Finally we were in the Vancouver side.


We decided to have lunch at Taiwanese Beef Noodle King on Oak St. It was very quiet on a week day lunch time.


We ordered a spicy cucumber for appetizer to whet up our appetite.


Ben had a Beef Noodle in Soup. It came with chunky tender beef.


We like the handmade noodle, especially the thicker version for the chewy texture.


I tried a Hot and Sour Soup with Noodle. It is exactly like the hot and sour soup with all the fixings like tofu, bamboo shoots, carrots, mushrooms and pork.


I also asked for the thick handmade noodle.


The above are the more recent menus. Prices have gone up since our old post.

Taiwan Beef Noodle King on Urbanspoon

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