Beijing Day 13: Farewell Lunch

My last day in Beijing. We did a little shopping at a electronics shopping mall to get a USB stick so that I can bring the photos home. Ben also brought me to Walmart to do some browsing.


We had lunch at a restaurant near the apartment hotel that Ben stayed. This restaurant serves some homey dishes as the name suggests. We had a cold octopus appetizer. It was sweetish and pretty good.


We had a water boiled fish for the main.


The fish served here had been lightly battered and deep fried, unlike those we find in Vancouver.


We also had a pork stew with meatball dish. It was not very good and it looked like a big bowl of mesh.


The pork pieces were skin on.


I like the dessert above made with Chinese Yam with blueberry sauce and raisin. It was creamy. The meal was RMB170 (CAD28).

This concluded my trip to Beijing and Xian.

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  1. LotusRapper

    “Ben also brought me to Walmart to do some browsing.”

    Ok, not food-related question. But just curious, do the local Beijing-ers complain that all Wal-Mart does is sell cheap, crappy made-in-China goods ? 😉

  2. poly

    Wal-mart there seems better than here – it is like the Superstore.

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