Kuala Lumpur Day 2: More Snacks

After dinner, Ben and I walked over to Lot 10 shopping mall. This mall is a familiar one to me.


However, the food court is new to me. There is a hutong style food court now. Ben decided to have a “Lin Ji Gerng” , cold version to quench his thirst. This is a dessert soup which can be served hot or cold. It has lotus seeds, snow fungus, etc.


It also has a quail egg in it. This was RM5.20 (about CAD1.75).


We had a Seremban siew bao for snack. This was RM1.70 (about CAD0.60).


The Seremban siew bao has moist savory meaty filing with very flaky pastry.


From Lot 10, we decided to go Jalan Alor. It’s a street lined with restaurants. The restaurants here are very aggressive in getting customers into their restaurants due to very competitive competition.


We went into one of the restaurant for some snacks. Ben had a lime plum drink for RM3.50 (CAD1.20).


We also ordered a fruit rojak to munch on. This was RM6 (CAD2).


It may not look appetizing but trust me, it is good, sweet, pungent and nutty.

After eating so much street food in a day, our stomach did not agree with our appetite. We were down with food poisoning symptoms like vomiting and purging that night. Poor us.

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  1. Lissa

    LOL!! I had food poisoning for 3 days. High fever of 40C and diarrhea every half an hour. I think it was due to contamination from my son. He ate CKT with “harm” and got sick the next day but he recovered in half a day. We went out to eat again and we both shared lunch. I got sick the next day. Imagine, I had already bought over RM4k flight & hotel package to Singapore and luckily I recovered soon enough for the trip. I think our tummies are too sanitized with us living in Canada.

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