Bhinder’s Indian Cuisine on No. 5 Road; South of Steveston Hwy

Nanzaro and I went to the new Indian restaurant on No. 5 Road, south of Steveston Highway for lunch. This restaurant was opened in Nov 2012.


It is located next to Pho Ten, in Sandhu’s Plaza. We arrived closed to 12PM but it’s not open yet. Nanzaro went to ask the person who was cleaning the window and was told it will open in 10 to 15 minutes. So, we waited but not more than 5 minutes, the Open sign was lighted.


It was not a big restaurant. The chairs are comfortable though.


The menu is simple, just a few combos.


Nanzaro opted for the Butter Chicken combo. All combos come with rice, naan, salad, vegetables and picked mango. Price varies depending on the main of the combo.

The naan looked like store bought version, not home made fresh from a tandoori oven. It’s too uniform.


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Kuala Lumpur Day 10: Dinner at Purple Cane

Ben and I had the opportunity to meet up with his Boys Brigade buddies. I enjoyed their conversations about their good old days in the brigade. Those happy memories will live in their hearts forever.


We had dinner at Purple Cane, a tea house. Purple Cane serves dishes with tea infusion.


Flower Tea for our drinks. Each flower tea is unique as it’s handmade.


Appetizers: braised peanuts and pickled green papaya.


Duck Wrap.


I like that the sauce is served in a small teapot for easy pouring. (more…)

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Kuala Lumpur Day 10: Snacks at Wong Kok Char Chan Teng

After the monorail ride, we took a cab back to the hotel. It was late afternoon, too late for lunch. Anyway, we were not that hungry. So, we explored the shopping mall next to our hotel to look for some snacks. I remembered it was raining heavily at that time.


We ended up at Wong Kok Char Chan Teng, a Hong Kong style cafe. We ordered Toast with Prawn Roe Sauce to share. It was RM5.90 (just below CAD2). I like the savory flavour with a hint of pungentness. Too bad, it’s not available in the Hong Kong style cafe in Richmond.


For drinks, I had a Peanut Man for RM6.90 (CAD2.30). It’s a thick peanuty shake. (more…)

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Kuala Lumpur Day 10: Snacks at Jalan Imbi

After breakfast, we went to a nearby stall to get some pastries.


We bought assorted pastries to try. RM5.50 (less than CAD2) for the above.


The Seremban Siew Bao was fresh from the oven, still hot. Flaky shell and moist savory filings.


The mini kaya puff was very good. In fact, we came back to buy some more later.


It was not durian season at the time we were in Kuala Lumpur. But, there is still durian being sold but it’s more expensive. We found a durian stall in Jalan Imbi. (more…)

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Kuala Lumpur Day 10: Breakfast at Jalan Imbi

Ben decided to go Jalan Imbi for breakfast. We had breakfast here a lot while we were still working in Kuala Lumpur. We left home early to avoid the traffic jam and had a nice long breakfast in town before Ben dropped me off at Jalan Sultan Ismail and drove to his office.


I had a dry rice noodle where the soup is served on the side. The soup has pork balls and pork liver sausage in it.


The dry rice noodles has fried ground pork in it. (more…)

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Merry Christmas 2012

Wishing all chowtimes readers a very Merry Christmas 2012.

Here are some of the Christmas scenes in Beijing which I would like to share with the readers.


The grand staircase of Continental Plaza.


Night and day shot of the decor above the grand stair case.


Decorations which lined the sides the grand staircase of Continental Plaza. (more…)

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Kuala Lumpur Day 9: Chinese Dinner

Ben and I met up with my ex boss and family for dinner. We were pretty excited to meet the latest addition to the family. I cant believe J & A are grandparents now. Congrats to the family.


It was a long story on how we ended up at this restaurant. J had other restaurant in mind but unfortunately, the restaurant was closed on Monday. We tried to go another restaurant and it was also closed. Well, it seems like Monday is a popular day for restaurant to close for business after a hectic weekend.

J did the ordering. The above was Spicy Prawn with lady fingers. The sauce definite goes well with steamed rice.


Sour cabbage and bitter melon. I like the sour and bitter combination. Ben is not a fan of bitter melon. So, I never cook bitter melon at home.


Stuffed Tofu with eggy sauce. (more…)

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Kuala Lumpur Day 9: Thai Lunch

We spent the morning taking care of family business. Ben’s sister dropped us back at our hotel. We just had lunch in the mall next to our hotel.


We had Thai food at Happy Thai. There is a 10% discount for the hotel guest. We tried their homemade Iced Lemongrass drink. It was refreshing and the flavour was unique.


The above was Papaya Salad. It was very sour, too much for Ben. So, I had most of it.


Seafood Tom Yum Soup. It was sour and spicy and very appetizing. My mouth salivate while writing this. (more…)

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Richmond Center Dining Terrace

Nanzaro wanted to have lunch at the newly opened Richmond Center Dining Terrace. The reason was he wanted to get a shirt on sale from Aeropostle in Richmond Center.


The new dining terrace has a large sitting capacity. This is just part of the dining area. It was busy on a weekend noon. Parking in Richmond Center in weekends has always been a challenge.


Nanzaro had the above from Bourbon Grill. The Bourbon chicken was actually pretty good; sweetish with some charring. It was $8.84 including tax.


I had a Shrimp Tom Yum Noodle Soup from Thai Express. It was not spicy despite I dumped a load of Sriracha into it. The soup actually tasted sweetish and just lightly sour. No kick at all.


Credit card is accepted at Thai Express. (more…)

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