Haroo Restaurant at Alexandra Road, Richmond

Nanzaro wanted to go out for lunch on a Pro-D day. He does not mind any where or any cuisine as long as he gets to eat out.


So, I picked Haroo Restaurant for lunch. Haroo serves Korean home style cuisine. It is located in Alexandra Road, Richmond.


Parking here is notorious. We were there on a Friday afternoon and we were early, so, parking was not so bad.


We arrived at the restaurant five minutes before 12 noon. It was not open yet. So, we were their first customers of that day. The restaurant seats about 30.


There is a big pot of Korean style green tea infused with roasted rice on each table. Nanzaro does not like the tea.


Cutlery like metal spoons and chopsticks are stored neatly in a wooden box on the table.


There is also a small pot of chili powder on the table besides salt and pepper.


I ordered a lunch special of Bulgogi soup with rice cake combo for $9.95.


Korean meal always comes with banchan. Here, we get a sweetish potatoes, soy bean sprouts, a green salad and a cherry tomato. I had a double portions of the banchan because Nanzaro did not want his portion. I traded my rice cakes with his banchan. I like that the restaurant added the flower pedal made with carrot to decorate the plain green salad.


I felt that the Bulgogi soup was slightly on the salty side to eat on it’s own. The rice that came with the combo was just two to three tablespoons. We really need more rice to go with the soup.


The rice cakes were chewy with a slightly sweetish sauce. In the menu, this is called Palace style rice cake.


Nanzaro ordered a Seafood Fried Rice for $9.95. The serving was bigger than mine.


Nanzaro’s Seafood Fried Rice came with a bottle of hot sauce on the side. Nanzaro doused his fried rice with the hot sauce and also sprinkled with lots of the chili powder. He sure like spicy food. Nanzaro commented that the fried rice was good except that it was a bit too soggy.


Haroo Restaurant accepts credit card.


You can click on the menu to have a larger view.

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