Richmond Center Dining Terrace

Nanzaro wanted to have lunch at the newly opened Richmond Center Dining Terrace. The reason was he wanted to get a shirt on sale from Aeropostle in Richmond Center.


The new dining terrace has a large sitting capacity. This is just part of the dining area. It was busy on a weekend noon. Parking in Richmond Center in weekends has always been a challenge.


Nanzaro had the above from Bourbon Grill. The Bourbon chicken was actually pretty good; sweetish with some charring. It was $8.84 including tax.


I had a Shrimp Tom Yum Noodle Soup from Thai Express. It was not spicy despite I dumped a load of Sriracha into it. The soup actually tasted sweetish and just lightly sour. No kick at all.


Credit card is accepted at Thai Express.


Arkensen ended up having sushi at Umi Sushi Express. Nothing pleases his palate.


Arkensen has sushi every Thursday when he has classes from 10am to 7pm. He never get tired of sushi.


While waiting for Nanzaro to run down the mall to get his shirt, Arkensen and I decided to get a dessert to share since we were seated right in front of the Froshberg Gelato.


There are quite a number of flavours to choose from.


I got 2 scopes for CAD$4.95; coffee and salted caramel flavour. Arkensen did not like the salted caramel flavour.

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  1. shortwidenails

    I recommend togo sushi beside mcDonalds for next time. The sushi is freshly made and much cheaper!

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