Atlanta Day 4: Inside CNN Studio Tour

With the rain pouring, we had to go somewhere indoor. We decided to go for the Inside CNN Studio Tour.


The parkade was across the CNN building. There is no covered crossing for visitors. Parking was USD10.


The above is the longest free standing escalator which connects 8 floors.


The Inside CNN Studio Tour is covered in the Atlanta city pass. The tour is 55 minutes long and tour commences every 10 minutes.

The tour is not handicapped friendly as we need to walk a lot of stairs. No bathroom break during the tour.


On the longest free standing escalator.


A view of the office buildings from the escalator.


The side view of the globe from the top of the longest free standing escalator.


We learned about how news recording were made in this demonstration room. Things that we learned include:

  • only  4 lines are displayed for the news reader so that the reader can read easily without eyes movement to left and right.
  • yellow line are not to be read
  • break indicate next page on hard copy
  • hard copy is backup
  • green screen is old technology; newer technology uses electronic screen
  • regular news will be broadcasted within 4 to 6 hours
  • breaking news can be broadcasted as fast as 5 minutes upon verification
  • A volunteer was asked to read a section of news as part of the demostration.

Oher facts that we learned:

  • CNN and HLN has 100 millions household viewership
  • CNN espanol was established in 1997 and has 25 millions household viewership
  • CNN international was established in 1985 and has 250 millions household viewship


The HLN studio; no photography when there is life reording.


One of the news gathering room.


A  closer look at the news gatherer; look at the triple screens computer.


A  retired CNN news automobile.

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