Golden Bauhinia Restaurant in Capstan Way, Richmond

When Nanzaro and I had lunch at Fatty Hi Restaurant, we took note of restaurants in Capstan Way that are new to us. New in the sense that we have not eaten there before; not recently opened.


One of the restaurant we wanted to check out is Golden Bauhinia Restaurant. The last time we dined at this location was when it was Ho Yuen Restaurant. What I remembered about Ho Yuen was the large poster of the owners on the front glass wall.

The server told me that Golden Bauhinia has been in business for more than a year already.


The restaurant is quite big; it covers two shop lots.


Golden Bauhinia is a very typical Chinese/Hong Kong style restaurant with specials pasted on the wall.


I ordered the Braised Bean Curd Skin Ball & Enoki from the recommendation of the server. This dish comes with a bowl rice. It is $6.95.


This is a vegetarian dish. I like the texture of the bean curd skin which had been deep fried which gives it a light crunch. The dish also comes with shiitake mushrooms and the bottom is lined with a bed of spinach. I enjoyed this dish. Good recommendation from the server.


My order also comes with a free hot beverage; HongKong style milk tea for me.


Guess what did Nanzaro ordered. It’s the same old Salted Fish Chicken Fried Rice. It is pricey at $11.80 to me as his order does not even come with a drink.


The chili oil/XO sauce is pretty good. We can taste the dried shrimp in it.


Golden Bauhinia Restaurant accepts credit card.


You can click on the menu to have a larger view.

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  1. Queenie

    opps. sorry realized it is the wrong restaurant!

  2. Raymond


    How much does it cost now for half a chinese bbq duck? Also how much for a whole one?

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