Coco Hut Singapore Restaurant in Capstan Way, Richmond

Lorna and I had the opportunity to have lunch again. This time we went to Coco Hut Singapore Restaurant.


Singaporean cuisine is very similar to Malaysian cuisine.


We were there early, before 11:30AM. We were their first customers of the day.


We opted for the self customize meal for two for $20.95. You can click on the menu above to have a larger view.


We opted for the BBQ Satay skewers for our appetizers. We had two chicken and two beef skewers. The beef skewer is on the tough side. Chicken is still the best choice of meat for satay.


We had Laksa Noodle in soup for one of the entree. It came in a huge bowl. It came with shredded chicken meat, fish cake, half a hard boiled egg, one prwan and one tofu puff. A bit stingy in prawn and tofu puff.


It also has bean sprout in it. The noodle of choice here is vermicelli. When I made this at home, I usually used thin Shanghai noodle. The broth is not spicy but creamy with coconut milk.


Our second entree is Curry Chicken on Rice. I was so full trying to finish the Laksa Noodle that I did not try this in the restaurant. I only tried it at home as I had the left over to take home. It was not bad. Comfort food for me.


We had barley water for our drinks. I drank a lot of this when I grew up. My boys whogrew up in North America do not like this kind of drink.


Lorna and I also took out half a Hainanese Chicken Rice each. My boys love Hainanese Chicken. We asked if we can just order the chicken without the rice. The server told us that they will still charge the same amount as with rice.


The soup is only available for eat in order.


Coco Hut only accepts cash.


The above are the rest of their menu. You can click on them to have a better view.


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  1. Joseph

    I noticed you were given a 10% off. Is that their current promotion?

    1. Suanne

      Hi Joseph, the 10% discount was for the take out order.

    2. Eric

      I still don’t quite get the math.
      Not sure what the Chinese words say…but I assume the $2.55 is tax right?

      $20.95 + ($20.5 * 0.9) + 12% tax should = $44.13?

      But there’s a $20.70 on the list…=S
      Even if they mistakenly used $20.7 for the Hainanese chicken, it would be
      $20.95 + ($20.7 * 0.9) + 12% tax should = $44.53

      But the total amount you paid (before) tax of $44.20 is somewhere in between the two numbers…..

      1. Suanne

        Hi Eric,

        I think the $2.55 was the 12% tax applied to the combo meal of $20.95.

        The $20.70 was derived from the Hainanese Chicken take order of ($20.50 * 0.9 for the 10%) + 12% tax.

        Total = $20.85 + $2.55 + $20.70 = $44.20.

      2. Eric

        Ah! I think I know what happened now. Totally forgot about the new Canadian penny rounding.

        If the whole bill was calculated together, it would have been $44.128

        However, if you take separate it…it would have been $23.464 for the combo, and $20.664 for the chicken. The restaurant probably incorrectly rounded up (instead of rounding down) to $23.50 and $20.70 respectively. Which came to a total of $44.20

        Not that 7 cents makes a huge difference, I just enjoyed calculating the bill 😀

  2. HM

    Hi Suanne, is the chicken free range or regular fryer?

    1. Suanne

      Hi HM, I just checked with Coco Hut and confirmed that it’s just regular fryer.

  3. eagle eyes

    Hi Suanne, I have lately enjoyed some really strong jasmine scented teas in various restaurants. Not just the old standard jasmine tea, but almost a perfumed jasmine tea. I have tried to ask the restaurants, but of course they import them. I was told that it wasn’t expensive. Do you know where I can purchase some of this on my own?

    1. Suanne

      Hi eagle eyes, I have not heard of the strong jasmine tea. Perhaps you should check out some Chinese tea shops.

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