Wah Yuen Noodle House in Yaohan Food Court, Richmond

Ben and I were at the Yaohan Foodcourt looking for breakfast.


We settled with Wah Yuen Noodle House for some Hong Kong style breakfast.


Ben had a multi meatballs noodle soup for $6. It came with some seaweed too.


I had a Beef and Tendon dry mix noodle. It is also $6.


The tendon was very tender and gelatinous. It left my mouth with a sticky feeling.


The beef was not as tender; in fact it felt a bit fibrous, with bits stucked between my teeth.


The sauce from the beef and tendon coated the noodles and flavoured the noodles just right.

Wah Yuen Noodle House 華園粥麵 on Urbanspoon

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