A Walk in Enchanted Storybrooke and Lunch at Charthouse Restaurant

Emily, Lorna, Marian and I had a get together during the spring break. Emily brought a girl friend along.


We decided to meet in Steveston Village. Coincidentally, it was the week where the filming of the season finale was taking place. Some of the building facet and store fronts were transformed into the theme of Storybrooke.


The Steveston Cannery Cafe transformed into Granny’s Cafe.


The Tourist Information Center transformed into the Storybrooke Post Office. More Storybrooke scenes at the end of this post.


We decided to dine at Charthouse Restaurant after exploring Storybrooke.


Charthouse deals.


The view from the restaurant overlooking the whaft is amazing.


We started off with the Soup of the Day. It’s a seafood medley soup priced at $4.50. It was creamy and flavourful. Probably the best dish we had among the rest that we ordered.


We had a Caesar Salad with Cajun Chicken as appetizer. It was $11.95.


This is one of the special of the day; Salmon Burger with Yam Fries. It’s served open faced and the salmon is drizzled with teriyaki sauce. Lorna loves the thickly cut yam fries. The special is $10.95.


The above Double Ling Cod & Chips was $13.95. Marian commented that the fish is not as good as Pajo’s.


We also shared a Seafood Polynesian which is $14.95. It is baby shrimp, prawn & scallops in a mild curry sauce, served with steamed vegetables and rice. There is a after taste of the curry which we did not like.


The last item is Steveston Club with shrimp, crab and lettuce. This is $11.95. It was served in whole wheat bread and this was really dry. The least favourite dish.


Charthouse accepts credit card.


More of the Storybrooke store fronts.


Although most of the shops open business as usual, some of the street parking were closed.


Charthouse Restaurant at Steveston Harbour on Urbanspoon

2 thoughts on “A Walk in Enchanted Storybrooke and Lunch at Charthouse Restaurant

  1. Why would you eat at the Charthouse? It’s the worst place in Steveston by a mile, and there are so many good options in that town (Gudrun, Tapanade, etc). The Charthouse is horrifying.

  2. We used to go to the Charthouse years ago and remember the food being pretty good (had a great seafood cannelloni here once). But we haven’t been back since and we’ve been a bit hesitant given all of the bad diner reviews on Urbanspoon lately.

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