Bob’s Submarine Sandwiches in Richmond

Nanzaro loves Subway sandwich. When I showed him the photos on of Bob’s Submarine Sandwiches, he just can’t wait to go.


We went to Bob’s Submarine Sandwiches on a Saturday noon. The parking was horrendous. I circled the parking lot twice and still cannot find any spot. I had to park at a spot with 30 minutes limit and go for take out instead.


The server and cook were busy. We waited for a while before the server took our order. Bob’s Submarine only accepts debit card and cash only.


Nanzaro ordered the monstrous foot long Super Sub for $11.80. It is double steak, double cheese, mushrooms, salami and capicollo. I asked Nanzaro if he can actually finish the whole thing and he said: “Dont treat me like a kid”.

The sandwich was really heavy when I opened it up to take the photo at home. At the end , Nanzaro only managed to eat three quarter of it.

I asked what is Nanzaro’s point of view between Subway and Bob’s Submarine Sandwiches. Nanzaro said he prefers Bob’s because the meat is freshly grilled but on the other hand, he likes the various buns, toppings and sauces that he can pick from Subway.


I ordered a Grilled Cheese and Ham Sandwich for $4.00. You can choose white bread or brown bread for this. I had the brown bread which was actually whole grain bread.


I think Bob’s Submarine Sandwiches is operated by Korean. The server looks like Korean. They also have homemade kimchee for sale. I bought a bottle for $5.99.


Unique circular windows at Bob’s Submarine.

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  1. Winnie

    Yes. “Sub”, short for submarine sandwich, is a common term. Check out the wiki

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