Hing Fung Restaurant in Capstan Way, Richmond

During the meal at Garden Villa Seafood Restaurant, Lorna mentioned of a new Chinese restaurant on Capstan Way. So, I went with Nanzaro during the weekend to check it out.


Apparently, this new Hing Fung Restaurant has taken over the Golden Bauhinia Restaurant which I wrote about just in February.


This is the dish which Lorna had. I love lamb and this just look mouth watering. Unfortunately, we went there for lunch and I could not find this on the lunch menu. Lorna came here for dinner. Perhaps we’ll come back at dinner time for this.


The interior looks pretty much the same as the previous restaurant.


The meal that we ordered came with drink. I had hot milk tea which was good, strong tea flavour and creamy. Nanzaro had the ice milk tea which came in a sealed plastic cup like those served for bubble tea. It was too sweet for Nanzaro.


Nanzaro ordered a BBQ duck preserved vegetable fried rice for $7.50. Apparently, in the lunch menu, there is two similar items with different price; the other was $7.95. When we asked the server what is the difference of the two items, she told us it’s a misprint.


Nanzaro enjoyed his fried rice with lots of the chili which is very fragrance. The serving of fried rice was big.


I ordered from the lunch special menu. It’s an Indian style Pork Chop served with steamed rice and sweet corn.


The pork chop was big; at least 2 times of the recommended serving size. The crust had some herbs and served on a bed of Indian curry. It was moist and tender.


The above is their lunch special menu.


Hing Fung accepts cash only. There is a 10% discount for the grand opening.


You can click on the menu for a larger view.

Hing Fung Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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