Pane e Fromaggio on 10th Ave W, Vancouver

Polly and I had cake meet at Pane e Fromaggio for another lady’s day out.


I had a hard time trying to recover the photos taken since 31st May as my notebook’s hard disk is dying. I had been painstakingly and patiently copying out my pictures from my dying notebook. I’m currently using a notebook on loan, so there will be no photoshopping for the pictures, i.e. I cannot place the chowtimes logo on my photos.


Pane e Fromaggio is a nice little cafe, not many seats though.


There is a good selection of sandwiches, cakes and desserts.


Here is a glance of what we had.


We shared an Italian Club as recommended by the server. We asked the server to cut the sandwich into halves for sharing. He was kind enough to serve the sandwich in two separate plates. Good service.


For dessert, we had a Lemon Brule ($2.99) to whet up our appetite. The presentation is nice with thinly sliced lemon decorating the top. It was tangy and creamy.


The next dessert is a Black Velvet Cake ($2.99). We picked it because we normally see red velvet cake and seldom hear of black velvet. It was chocolaty and rich.


We left our favourite cheese cake for last. It was a Mango/Kiwi Cheesecake ($5.00). It was very dense and rich but we could not really detect the flavour of mango or kiwi.


For drinks, we had Cappuccino and Mocha. The server ran out of whipped cream for Polly’s Mocha. He added the whipped cream at our table.


Pane e Fromaggio also sells a variety of cheese.

The bill came to $27. Credit card accepted.

After brunch, we went to the Pacific Spirit Park to soak up some Vitamin D.

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  1. hungry in tsawwassen

    Lovely photos of the park. The desserts looked quite tasty, will have to give them a try one day. We were in that area not long ago trying to get just dessert and couldn’t think of anywhere to go as it was evening. All the bakeries were closed. The place we went was not very good.

  2. Rob

    Hi, Regarding the mango kiwi cheesecake — I can see by the photo that you were served the regular NY cheesecake. That’s why you did not taste any kiwi or mango :-/ Somebody messed up!

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