Hanok Korean Restaurant on Alexandra Road, Richmond

Nanzaro and I had lunch at the fairly new Hanok Korean Restaurant on Alexandra Road.


Hanok Korean Restaurant took over the location of the Mongolian Grill.


Hanok is big. The seating area is divided into 2 sections with the reception and kitchen in the center.


We ordered from the lunch special which is at $8.99. You can click on the menu to have a larger view.


Three banchans for our lunch special; kimchee, sweetish potato and seaweed which is crunchy.


Under normal circumstances, I will get all the banchans as my boys do not like them. Surprisingly, Nanzaro likes the seaweed and he had it all to himself.


Nanzaro likes Korean’s rice dish served in hot stone bowl. So, he ordered Bibimbap. I’m glad that he ate all the vegetables that came with the Bibimbap.


The lunch special also came with a side dish. Nanzaro picked his favourite rice cakes in hot sauce.


I had a Beef Tofu Hotpot. Other hotpot options include kimchee and seafood.


The hotpot came with a bowl of steamed rice. The above is typical Korean cutlery; all in metal.


My side order is a seafood pancake. It came in 2 slices and a bowl of vinegarish dipping sauce.


The lunch special is a good deal. Hanok accepts credit card.

Hanok Korean Restaurant 韓屋 on Urbanspoon

3 thoughts on “Hanok Korean Restaurant on Alexandra Road, Richmond

  1. I was there recently with a friend from Korea and he was less than satisfied with the food and the service. The taste of the food was less than authentic — I think more tailored to the local Chinese tastes than Korean. We had ordered pindadok (sp?) a type of Korean pancake, which should come with drinks as a kind of appetizer. Instead, they rapidly brought us soup. We had to send this back as soup is not meant to be drunk with Korean alcohol at the start of a meal. To top things off, they would not allow us to take home a half-consumed bottle of makkoli (Korean alcohol) despite the British Columbia laws that allow this. Not pleased.

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