London Day 3: Churchill War Rooms

The Churchill War Rooms are where Winston Churchill and Britain’s war cabinet met during World War II.


The Churchill War Rooms are located below the Government Office Building north of Parliament Square.


The Cabinet War Room was where military operations were strategized. Winston Churchill’s seat would be the center seat behind the red box.


Churchill’s Dining Room. (more…)

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London Day 3: Westminster Abbey

We intended to visit the Westminster Abbey on this day.


Westminster Abbey has been British Coronation church since the crowning of William the Conqueror in 1066. The above is the north entrance of Westminster Abbey.


It is also the burial and memorial place for many world famous historical figures from writers, musicians, scientists to rulers and politicians. The above is the western facade.


The Abbey was founded in AD960 as a Benedictine monastery. It is a self-funding church with no financial assistance from the State, the Crown or the Church of England. (more…)

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London Day 3: Buffet Breakfast at Kapok Tree

We  had a lousy night at the hotel. Apparently, there was a Halloween party going on at the restaurant below our floor. The loud music kept me awake most of the night.


The next morning, we did not want to look for breakfast elsewhere. We just had the buffet breakfast at the Kapok Tree restaurant at the hotel. It was an English breakfast. Ten pounds per person. I love the mushrooms and grilled tomatoes.


Brown sauce in a packet. I have never seen this in Vancouver. (more…)

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London Day 2: Indian Dinner at Sripur

We went for an Indian dinner at Sripur in the vicinity of Tower Hill before we headed back to the hotel.


Papadam was served for appetizers. The papadam came with four chutney.


The chutney came in different flavours and texture; sweet, minty, spicy and lastly a chunky onion and cucumber salsa.


We ordered a Sripur Biryani which came topped with fried egg and fried onions and served on a bed of shredded lettuces and tomatoes. It looked tasty but actually it was quite bland. (more…)

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London Day 2: Tower Bridge Exhibition

After the visit to the Tower of London, we decided to use the ticket in the London Pass to visit the Tower Bridge Exhibition.


It was a rainy day as you can see the bridge was wet.


Lining up for the lift to the exhibition. It’s 300 steps to the the top of the towers. We walked down the stairs after visiting the exhibitions on the walkways.


The east side of the bridge exhibits the bridge’s history and displays of famous bridges in the world. The west side of the bridge has exhibits of the Olympics. (more…)

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