London Day 9: Breakfast at Cafe Sizzles in Petticoat Lane

Day 9 was a good day with great sunshine. We ventured to the Petticoat Lane for breakfast.


Some of the clothes vendors in Petticoat Lane.


We found a cafe with mostly locals in it. They are blue collar workers. As usual, I had coffee while Ben had tea. He likes to drink what the locals drink.


Ben had a pub food for breakfast; bacon, liver with onions and fries. The above was 4.50 pounds.


I had a taste of the liver but the flavour was too strong for me.


I had a Chicken and Mushroom Pie which came with fries and green peas. This is also 4.50 pounds.


The pie is flaky and the filling is gooey. It was a very filing breakfast.

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