London Day 9: Borough Market – Part 1

After breakfast, we decided to explore Borough Market in Southwark.


Borough Market is a wholesale and retail food market. We kind of regretted that we had breakfast earlier because there are so much food here to try.


Borough Market is one of the largest and oldest food markets in London. It is a source of quality British and international produce. Look at the line to the above coffee shop.


A sandwich in hand made a happy man.


Some kind of grilled cheese sandwich. I had to stand in line for at least 20 minutes to get the sandwich. This is one of the popular stall.


Although we already had breakfast, we just got to try it. The grilled cheese sandwich was 5 pounds.


It was very crunchy outside (which was also coated with cheese) while the cheese inside was gooey.


Enjoying the sandwich.


While I was lining up for the grilled cheese sandwich, Ben went to the next stall to check out another type of sandwich. This one the cheese was lightly melted and scraped from the block to be smeared to the bread. We did not get another sandwich to try as we were really full.


The market was really busy, buzzing with people.


A flower stall at the market. More to come…

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