The Sweet Spot revisited

Polly and I met for one more time before I left for Beijing this summer. We revisited The Sweet Spot in Steveston since I had a flight to catch after our cake meet.


Polly suggested to revisit The Sweet Spot in Steveston. We had four items to share.


The above was a Pear Tart. At the first glance, Polly thought it was a savoury tart.


Does’nt the pear looks like bacon? Most likely the pear is poached in red wine.


Almond croissant; never get tired of it.


The Blueberry Citrus Scone was a bit dry.


Lastly, a Peanut Butter Gannache Sandwich Cookie to end our sweet treat.

The bill came to $16.85 with 2 coffees.

The Sweet Spot only accepts debit card and cash.

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